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50 Essential Facts About Football

The 50 facts that you MUST know on your way to becoming a football expert!

Most think football began in England. It was actually invented in ChinaHistory
The first rules of football were written in London in 1863
The oldest competition is the FA Cup. It began in the 1871-1872 season
The first League season was 1888-1889. Preston North End won it
The first international was a 0:0 draw between Scotland and England
The most prolific goalscorer is Josef Bican who scored 1,468 in totalPlayer Goals
Miroslav Klose has scored most World Cup goals: 16 in 4 tournaments
Jimmy Jones of Glenavon has the record for most goals in a season: 74
Notts County's Harry Cursham scored the most FA Cup goals: 49
Archie Thompson scored 13 goals in Australia's 31:0 international win
Derby County won just one match in the 2007-08 seasonFlops
Doncaster Rovers lost 34 of their 46 matches in 1997-1998
In the 1899-1900 season Darwen of Div. 2 lost 18 matches in a row
From 2007-2008 Derby County went 38 matches without a win
In the 1993-1994 season Swindon Town conceded 100 league goals
The penalty spot, and 18 and 6 yard boxes were introduced in 1902Rules
Before 1912 goalkeepers could handle the ball anywhere in their half
In the 1994 World Cup games were almost divided into quarters
Before the 1870s there were no referees
The first penalty kick was taken in 1891. It was called the "Kick of Death"
The most goals in a UK match was Arbroath 36:0 Bon Accord Match Goals
The highest scoring game ever was AS Adema 149:0 SO l'Emyrne
The most goals in an international was Australia 31:0 American Samoa
The highest scoring World Cup match was Switzerland 5:7 Austria
The record FA Cup score is Preston North End 26:0 Hyde
Alf Common was the first player to be transferred for a fee of £1,000Transfers
Naymar is currently the most expensive football transfer at £198 million
The first £10,000 player was David Jack from Bolton to Arsenal in 1928
In 1961 Dennis Law went from Man. City to Torino for £110,000
The first £1 million transfer was Trevor Francis in 1979
The most red cards given in a single game is 36Discipline
Red and yellow cards were first used in the 1970 World Cup
Gerardo Bedoya holds the record for most red cards in a career with 46
Everton have received a total of 96 red cards in the Premier League
Gary Lineker received no red or yellow cards throughout his career
In the 2011-2012 season Real Madrid scored 121 goalsTeam Goals
Derby scored 20 goals in 2007-08, the fewest in a Premier League season
The worst goal difference in the Premier League is -96. It was Derby again
Peterborough scored 134 league goals in 1960-61
Man. Utd. have scored over 2,000 Premier League goals
Rogério Ceni was a goalkeeper. He still scored 131 goals in his careerRecords
From 1955 to 1960, Real Madrid won European Cups 5 times in a row
199,854 people attended the 1950 World Cup final
Peter Shilton made 1,390 appearance in his career
Iranian Ali Daeihas scored the most international goals: 109
Brazil have won the World Cup 5 times. Italy and Germany twiceHonours
Man. Utd. have been English champions 20 times. Liverpool 19
Arsenal have won the most FA Cups. They have done so 14 times
Real Madrid have won the European Cup or Champions League 13 times
Germany and Spain have both won the European Championship 3 times

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