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50 Essential Facts About Germany

The 50 facts that you MUST know on your way to becoming an expert on Germany!

Germany's national sport is Fußball (football)Sport
Motor racing is popular. The BMW, Porsche and Mercedes teams are German
Germany's "second sport" is handball
Tennis is popular and several tennis stars hail from Germany
After football and handball, ice hockey is the next most popular sport
Karl Benz invented the petrol powered car in 1885Inventions
The first Christmas trees were German, back in the 16th Century
Denim is French, but jeans were invented by a German
Johannes Gutenberg invented the reusable printing press in 1450
X-rays were discovered by physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen in 1895
The Brandenburg Gate, once a gate into Berlin, is a symbol of the cityLandmarks
Also in Berlin, the Reichstag is the home of the German Parliament
Heidelberg has some amazing mediaeval architecture still standing
Neuschwanstein Castle has the beauty of a fairy tale castle
Nuremberg Christmas Market is one of the world's oldest and most famous
Ludwig van Beethoven, arguably the most famous composer, was GermanPeople
Adolf Hitler was not German. He was Austrian
Albert Einstein was not American or Swiss as some claim. He was German
Hugo Boss was a famous German fashion designer
George I, ancestor to the modern royals, was the first German King of Britain
Germany is the 7th largest country in Europe covering 357,386 km²Geography
A third of Germany is forested. The most famous is the Black Forest
It also has mountains. The highest is Zugspitze at almost 3 km tall
The Rhine is the longest river in Germany
Germany is the most populous country entirely within Europe
Berlin is home to 7,000 to 8,000 wild boarsWildlife
In 2007, there were 36 wolf packs in Germany, Today there are 128
Several species, like Bavarian Scurvy-grass, are found only in Germany
Berlin has more bats than any other city in Central Europe
The European hamster was first discovered in Germany
German is the most widely spoken language in the EULanguage
Most languages have two genders. German has three
The longest German word has 42 letters, or some claim it has 80
The German alphabet has 27 letters. "Eszett" (ß) is pronounced as "ss"
In German all nouns are capitalised, not just proper nouns as in English
Four German cities have populations over one millionCities
Bonn is a small city but it was West Germany's capital before reunification
Hamburg is 110 km inland but it has a busy port
Munich is world famous for its Oktoberfest
Cologne is most famous for the perfume named after it
Germany is most famous for its sausages or "wurst"Foods
There are more than 300 kinds of bread available in Germany
Germans have coffee and cake as the equivalent of teatime in England
One of the most popular cakes is the German Black Forest Gateaux
Germans love beer. The world's oldest brewery is in Germany
Many of the fairy tales we know and love were collected by the Grimm BrothersCulture
Apart from Beethoven, Germany has produced a multitude of composers
Three quarters of Germany's Autobahns have no speed limit
The German equivalent of Father Christmas is "Christkindl"
Punctuality is a part of German culture

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