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50 Essential Facts About Mythology

The 50 facts that you MUST know on your way to becoming a mythology expert!

The Titans were the 12 gods who ruled the world before the OlympiansTitans
Some of their children, like Atlas or Prometheus, are counted as Titans too
Cronus, King of the Titans, ate his children so that they would not usurp him
The Titans were overthrown by the Olympians after a great war of gods
The word "Titan" has come to mean powerful, strong or big
"Heaven" for Vikings was Valhalla. It was only for warriors who died in battleNorse Myth
Vikings believed that rainbows were bridges between Midgard and Asgard
The Christian Hell is named after the Norse Hel which was dark and cold
Wednesday is named after Wodan, the Anglo Saxon name for Odin
The Norse world will end with Ragnarok, a climactic battle between the gods
The Olympians were the most important Greek gods. Their king was ZeusOlympians
The Olympians take their name from Mount Olympus where they lived
Not all Olympians though. Hades had the underworld and Poseidon the sea
Zeus and his brothers drew lots to decide who would rule where
Zeus was the father of 7 of the 12 Olympians, mostly with different mothers
In Abrahamic myth all humans are descended from Adam and EveAbrahamic Myth
One of the most famous Christian myths is that of St George and the dragon
The Tower of Babel myth explains why humans speak different languages
Islamic myth has three races besides humans: angels, demons and jinn
In the flood myth God killed all humans except for Noah and his family
Rome is named after its mythical founder RomulusRoman Gods
Romans believed they were descended from the Trojan hero Aeneas
Juno was the patron goddess of Rome. She is based on the Greek Hera
The Romans believed that their emperors were gods
Much of Roman mythology is "borrowed" from the Ancient Greeks
In Powhatan myth the world was created by a hareAmerindian Myth
The Pima disagree. To them the creator was a butterfly
The Aztecs had many different gods, devoted to art, corn and other things
Manco Cápac was the mythological founder of Inca civilisation
In Mayan myth humans made a deal with rats, to let them eat excess crops
The most famous British mythical hero is King ArthurHeroes
Väinämöinen is a Finnish hero. He is old and wise with a magical voice
The Jewish hero Noah is largely borrowed from Sumerian myth
The myth of Beowulf is one of the oldest surviving pieces of Old English
The most famous of all heroes has to be Heracles
Chang’e is the Chinese moon goddessEastern Myth
In Korean myth the world began when Mireuk split heaven and earth
In Hittite myth the mountain Zaliyanu was the god of the weather
The Mahabharata is a mythological epic in Hindu culture
Ahriman was the Persian god of destruction and evil
Endymion became immortal. However, his eternal life is spent forever asleepImmortals
Tithonus was also given eternal life, but he was turned into an insect!
In Christian myth the Wandering Jew was cursed with eternal life
Nicolas Flamel was a scribe who allegedly found the secret to immortality
In Hindu myth Mahavatar Babaji is a sage who will never die
In Bushmen myth men and animals once lived in harmony undergroundAfrican Myth
Ethiopia's royal family claims descent from the mythical Queen of Sheba
In Ashanti myth Anansi is a trickster god who takes the form of a spider
Taweret was the Egyptian fertility goddess. She took the form of a hippo
Nyami Nyami is the snake-like river god of the Zambezi

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