What’s Different About Education Quizzes?

Education Quizzes is not like most businesses. There are some things we just won’t do, like advertising, forums, cold calls and junk mail. The information you give us will be used only by us.

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Laptop with lock showing privacy and care Every company starts life alleging they are customer focussed but then they take advice from an Internet marketing ‘expert’ or they read an article on ‘website promotion’ and then things start to go off the rails…

The root of the problem is that what a website visitor wants from an Internet business is not what the marketers are prepared to give them.

Deep down, each of us know what it is that our prospects and customers want from us because each of us are prospects and customers ourselves. But sooner or later almost all businesses take one little step away from what we know our customers want and move towards what we want of them. It is then that the company begins the time-honoured downward spiral of pretending to be customer centric when in reality it is not.

We determined that with the marketing of our own website we would get off this slippery slope and have one big rule supported by several smaller rules. Here is the big rule:

If Our Customers Want It, We Will Do It And If Our Customers Don’t Want It We Won’t Do It

Here are the supplementary rules:

  1. We don’t do advertising
  2. We don’t do popups
  3. We don’t do forums
  4. We won’t telephone you
  5. We won’t write to you
  6. We will tell you what we have to sell, not what you ought to buy
  7. Our site navigation will help you find what you want, not what we want you to see
  8. If we don’t know the answer to your question we’ll tell you so
  9. You get everything we have to offer for just one all-in price
  10. Our all-in price covers 5 members of your family wherever they might be
  11. You can leave whenever you like – we have no long-term contracts
  12. The information you give us will be used only by us

And here are the reasons for the rules:

We Don’t Do Advertising

If we asked all our customers whether they want to see advertising on our site, how many of them would say ‘Yes, I do’? I doubt we would get a single one, so that’s settled then - we don’t do advertising!

We Don’t Do Pop-ups

A pop-up is something that appears on your screen that you haven’t asked for. Almost always a pop-up is there because the website owner wants it and not because you want it. If a business puts its customers first, then pop-ups have no place in it.

We Don’t Do Forums

Now don’t get me wrong, we’re not saying that all forums are bad. What we are saying though is that SOME forums are bad and we don’t want to risk harming anyone on our site by anything that appears on our site. We’re just not prepared to take the risk.

The other day someone mentioned that there’s a thing out there called Facebook and I gather that it’s a pretty fair place to go if you want to meet up and chat.

We Won’t Phone You

So, there I am just sitting down to a hot lunch, or I’m in the middle of a complicated spreadsheet, or I’m deep in thought about whether I ought to take my dog to the vet and the telephone rings.. Me: ‘Hello, this is Colin King, how can I help you’ Them: ‘Good day sir, I’m just conducting a survey about every aspect of your life….’

We don’t collect the phone numbers of our prospects OR our customers so you’re never going to find yourself telling me to #$@&% off.

We Won’t Write To You

We won’t ever know your address so whatever the delivery man brings you it ain’t from us!

We Will Tell You What We Have To Sell, Not What You Ought To Buy

Don’t you just love it when a website tells you that you OUGHT to buy this or you MUST buy this or you can’t manage without this?

We figure that you’ve got a mind of your own and you have every right to use it. We’ll tell you what we have to offer and we’ll often point you in the direction of alternatives and then we’ll let you decide what’s best for you.

Our Site Navigation Will Help You Find What You Want, Not What We Want You To See

How frustrating when all you want to know is the price of something or some other specific detail and you find that the website has created a merry-go-round involving 20 clicks before they eventually tell you to fill in a form and we’ll send you an answer.

Every piece of information on our website will be no more than 3 clicks away from the home page.

If We Don’t Know The Answer To Your Question, We’ll Tell You So

Nobody knows everything whatever they say to the contrary. You might be surprised at how much we know or how little we know but either way we’ll tell you what we don’t know.

You Get Everything We Have To Offer For Just One All-in Price

We don’t have different levels of customer and we don’t try and up-sell to you in order to prize away some more of your hard-earned cash. You’re either in or you’re out, that’s the only choice we will ask you to make.

Our All-in Price Covers 5 Members Of Your Family Wherever They Might Be

Woman annoyed with cold caller on her telephone

Our monthly subscription cost is a FAMILY subscription cost. The TV salesman doesn’t sell you a TV with the condition that only you can watch it! And so it is with Education Quizzes – you can have a total of 5 logins that you can share amongst your children, your grand-children, your nephews and nieces in Australia or the family cat. You pay us once and many people benefit.

We would like to give you more than 5 logins but if we did then you can bet that someone would be selling logins at a reduced price on Facebook! Having said that, give us a call if more logins are required and we’ll see what we can do.

You Can Leave Whenever You Like – We Have No Long-term Contracts

You are only a click away from unsubscribing from the monthly charge whenever you like and your payments to us stop there and then. We’ll email you a confirmation and ask you a few quick questions about your use of the site so that you can help us make it better.

If you choose not to answer the questions then there’ll be no hard feelings from our end and we won’t pester you again.

The Information You Give Us Will Be Used Only By Us

No 'if', 'and' or 'maybe' – we treasure the trust you put in us and nobody will ever winkle from us anything we know about you.

So, now you know all about Education Quizzes and how we can be trusted. Is there anything else you want to find out? If so, our Knowledge Bank might be just what you’re after. It’s a collection of articles, each one aimed at answering a specific question asked by parents. We have loads of info on all things education along with plenty of advice and tips on parenting issues, such as child development, online safety and protection from bullies. It’s a mine of useful information which any parent will find valuable.

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