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What’s Different About Education Quizzes?

Education Quizzes is not like most businesses. There are some things we just won’t do, like advertising, forums, cold calls and junk mail. The information you give us will be used only by us.

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Laptop with lock showing privacy and care Every company starts life claiming to be customer-focused, but then they often deviate from meeting customer needs. The core principle at Education Quizzes is crystal clear:

If Our Customers Want It, We Will Do It, And If Our Customers Don't Want It, We Won't Do It

Supplementing this are several guiding rules:


  1. We avoid advertising.
  2. We refrain from using pop-ups.
  3. We steer clear of forums.
  4. We won't engage in unsolicited phone calls.
  5. We don't send direct mail.
  6. We inform you about what we offer, not what you should buy.
  7. Our site navigation prioritizes your needs.
  8. If we don't know the answer, we admit it.
  9. Our all-inclusive price covers everything.
  10. Our family subscription covers five members.
  11. No long-term contracts; you can leave whenever you like.
  12. We prioritize your privacy; your information stays with us.

Here's why we stick to these rules:

We Don't Do Advertising

Our customers don't want ads cluttering their experience, so we don't entertain them.

We Don't Do Pop-ups

Pop-ups are intrusive; we prioritize your browsing experience over our desires.

We Don't Do Forums

While not all forums are bad, we choose not to risk our visitors' experience with potentially harmful content.

We Won't Phone You

Woman annoyed with cold caller on her telephone

Avoiding unsolicited calls respects your time and privacy.

We Won't Write To You

Your address is safe with you; we won't add to your mailbox clutter.

We Will Tell You What We Have To Sell, Not What You Ought To Buy

We respect your autonomy; we provide information, and you decide what suits you best.


Our Site Navigation Will Help You Find What You Want, Not What We Want You To See

We value your time; our site is designed for easy navigation to quickly find what you need.

If We Don't Know The Answer To Your Question, We'll Tell You So

Honesty matters; we admit when we don't have the answers.

You Get Everything We Have To Offer For Just One All-in Price

We keep it simple; there are no upsells or different tiers.

Our All-in Price Covers 5 Members Of Your Family Wherever They Might Be

Your subscription benefits the whole family, providing flexibility and value.

You Can Leave Whenever You Like – We Have No Long-term Contracts

Unsubscribe anytime with a click, no long-term commitments; it's that simple.

If you choose not to answer the questions, then there'll be no hard feelings from our end, and we won't pester you again.

The Information You Give Us Will Be Used Only By Us

No 'ifs', 'ands', or 'maybes' – we treasure the trust you put in us, and nobody will ever pry from us anything we know about you.

So, now you know all about Education Quizzes and how we can be trusted. Is there anything else you want to find out? If so, our Knowledge Bank might be just what you're after. It's a collection of articles, each one aimed at answering a specific question asked by parents. We have loads of info on all things education along with plenty of advice and tips on parenting issues, such as child development, online safety, and protection from bullies. It's a mine of useful information that any parent will find valuable.


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