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Specifications for Numbers Games

Please note - applications for his project are now closed

Quotes Required from Website Developers

We are intending to develop 5 new games at our website and we have given outline specifications below. If you are interested in undertaking this project for us then please contact


The 5 games will be developed in the following sequence:

  1. Multiplication Game
  2. Division Game
  3. Addition Game
  4. Subtraction Game
  5. Numeracy Game

Time Schedules

The first 4 games above need to be completed, tested and verified as working correctly by 31st May, 2019.

The Numeracy Game needs to be completed, tested and verified as working correctly by 31st July, 2019.

General Requirements

The programming language used is .php.

The programming needs to integrate with the current programming for the EQ (Education Quizzes) site.

The scoring and reporting mechanisms that exist on the site for our quizzes will not be required in the new games but it must not be affected by the new games.

EQ is a subscription website for which there is a payment integration. The new games will be able to be played limitless times by subscribers but non-subscriber visitors will be restricted to the number of questions they can answer each day before they are required to subscribe.

The content at the site needs to be input via the existing CMS that is controlled by EQ.

All content for playing the games will be supplied by EQ in .csv format. A mechanism is required that allows us to upload amended content at will.

All content for display at the site (introductions, explanations, etc.) will be input in HTML format in the CMS by EQ.

SEO is very important to us and therefore it is a requirement that the CMS allows us to input Titles and Meta Descriptions on every page. There is a requirement for 15 pages (each with a unique URL) for each game.

The look and feel of the new games (fonts, layout etc.) will be governed by linking to the existing external style sheet.

Each page must validate without errors or warnings using the W3C checker. This can be verified by all our website visitors by means of the icon in the bottom right-hand corner of every page on the site.

Page headers and footers are governed by the current programming and need to be integrated into the new games.

The games need to developed in isolation to the “live” site so that functionality can be thoroughly checked before integration.

It will be necessary for the developers to have Version Control (sometimes known as Revision Control or Source Control) that enables the easy roll-back to earlier stages of development.

The First Four Games (All Excluding the Numeracy Game)

The first four games mentioned in the Overview section will be along similar lines to the Spelling Game that has already been developed – see Spelling Game

The existing Spelling Game has only one “Main” leaderboard – an amalgamation of the scores of all players using the game. The new games require that as well as this main leaderboard, there is an “Age” leaderboad for each year group. The Main leaderboard will be displayed on the first two pages in the sequence of each game and the Age leaderboards will be displayed on each age-related page.

Data for playing each game will be supplied in the form of a .csv file comprising 3 columns:
Age Group
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The programming needs to randomly extract and display three Correct Answers along with one Incorrect Answer from the relevant Age Group.

Each correctly answered question acquires a score from one to ten and this is best illustrated by playing the existing Spelling Game.

The leaderboards all need to be updated in real time on a rolling 168 hour basis.

Numeracy Game

This will work along similar lines to the games outlined above but the data for playing the games will be structured differently. The data will be supplied in .csv format comprising 5 columns:
Age Group
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer 1
Incorrect Answer 2
Incorrect Answer 3

Each row in the spreadsheet will contain all of the above elements and each of the rows can be regarded as a “Group”.

Each online question will always comprise a Group albeit each Group will be randomly selected and randomly displayed on screen.

This differs from the other games in that those games do not require a grouping – the correct and incorrect answers can be selected from anywhere in the various columns.


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