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Why and How our Quizzes Work

Why Our Quizzes Work

What’s the biggest barrier standing between children and a great education today?

If you answered distraction then you are on the right track. With tablets, smartphones, social media, TV shows and other forms of entertainment competing for their attention, it’s all too easy for learning to take a back seat.

This is why Education Quizzes is different.

We put the enjoyment back into learning - engaging your child in education without the expense of tutors or the boredom and exhaustion of late evening revision sessions.

How Our Quizzes Work

Every quiz has been created by expert teachers with a wealth of experience in their subjects.

Each quiz is based on real world techniques that have brought colour, interest and passion into the classroom. Bringing learning alive for students.

All the core content from courses is included across the range of quizzes - structured to not simply teach knowledge, but aid with real understanding of complex subjects like maths and science.

Your child will find our quizzes engaging and enjoyable - they can complete them alone, with friends or with your support.

A subscription costs £9.99 per month or £49.99 per year. You’ll find it ideal for short, sharp revision before tests and exams.


(Money-back guarantee)

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