Lincolnshire Schools Offer

If you are from a school based in Lincolnshire, read on...

Free for a Year to Some Lincolnshire Schools

We know how disillusioning it is for teachers to get an unfavourable Ofsted report for their school and we would like to help the schools improve at no cost to them.

Ordinarily, schools get a one month free trial of our system but for schools in our home county of Lincolnshire that are rated as “Inadequate” we will be pleased to extend this free trial period to a year. Fill in the form on the registration page.  Then email us to let us know the name of your school and we will immediately set your free trial period to a year.

You will be able to easily create individual accounts for the students at your school and each of them will have free access to the entire Education Quizzes website. The package is worth £2,000 to a school with an intake of 1,000 pupils, £1,500 for a school with an intake of 500 pupils and £930 for a school with an intake of 250 pupils.

Getting Parents Involved

Countless reports suggest that parental involvement is a major contributory factor to children achieving success at school and our system is specifically designed to help engage parents with the education of their children. More than 4,000 quizzes can be played by the whole family as many times as they like. Mum or dad can play the part of the quiz-master with access to the correct answers for over 23,000 curricula-based questions. All the quizzes are written by teachers to consolidate learning of the subjects being taught at school.

Roll-Out to Other Schools Later in 2016

In the UK there are currently 407 schools rated by Ofsted as ‘inadequate’, including 241 primary schools and 146 secondary schools. A further 1,931 schools ‘require improvement’. Currently our “free-for-a-year” school offer is available only to “Inadequate” schools in Lincolnshire but we are expecting to roll out the offer to similarly rated schools throughout the UK in the second half of 2016.

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