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Our big idea is to get parents more involved in the education of their children instead of leaving the entire job to you, their teachers! We do this by providing a quiz website that is fun for all the family but at the same time firmly based on National Curriculum subjects. Let’s dive in with the most frequently asked questions...

Do you offer a free trial and if so where do I sign-up for it?

Yes we do. Our Schools Registration Page contains the form that you need to complete.

Who benefits from parental involvement?

Everyone and everything – students, teachers, schools, parents, performance tables and Ofsted reports!

Are there any other benefits?

Yes, other benefits include:
Teachers are given an extra tool with which to help their students - over 2,500 quizzes written by teachers
Teachers can set self-marking homework complete with real-time, online, reporting
Teachers have an invaluable resource when standing-in for another teacher
Students who enjoy quizzes (and most do) have revision for most curriculum subjects all on one website
Students have a quiz-playing record which is motivating for them and valuable to their parents and teachers

How do parents become involved?

Our method of learning is quizzes and quizzes are fun! The parents can sit at a computer and fulfil their dreams to be a quizmaster with access to all the correct answers. What’s more, all the questions they pose are exactly aligned to the subjects the children are being taught at school. The parents learn about the curriculums and the children get to show-off their knowledge. The process intimately involves the parents, everyone wins and everyone enjoys it.

How much does it cost?

The more students you subscribe the less it costs per student. Ten students costs your school £15.00 per student per year whilst 1,000 students costs £2.00 per student per year. Insert a student number in the box below and click "Calculate prices" to see how much it would cost.

Cost per student per year: £ Total cost per year: £

Is the system easy to setup and manage?

It’s not as easy as opening an e-mail but it’s not as difficult as getting connected to the Internet – hey, you’re a teacher, it will be a piece of cake! Invest an hour learning the system and enjoy the fruits of your labours for the rest of your teaching career.

Do we get written instructions?

Certainly, you can download them at our step-by-step-guide but we’ll be sure to email them to you in .pdf format when you register.

Is there help available?

We are the most friendly team you will ever find in the world of education! Ring Colin (our Managing Director) and tell him that someone at EQ was less than helpful and he will give you a year’s subscription free of charge - albeit someone here will get the sack! Email us anytime you like, phone us anytime during working hours or chat to us online between 9:00am and 5:00pm Monday to Saturday.

Can I set self-marking homework?

It’s a doddle… Make sure the children all have a login, tell them which quizzes to play and then check how well they did on the class report before the next lesson.

Is there any cost for the students?


Is there any advertising on the site? Do you ask for student email addresses? Are there any forums on the site? Is there any possibility of danger to the students?

No, No, No and No.

What is the next step?

To set up your free trial please visit the Schools Registration Page.

Any final thoughts from Education Quizzes?

“July – the time when parents suddenly realize just how underpaid teachers are.”

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