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Sometimes learning and revising can be hard.

Playing interactive quizzes are fun. They are also brilliant at helping you remember what you learn.

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Each time you do a quiz you’re actively embedding information in your long-term memory. It’s a proven method of effective learning called Active Recall. It works far better than passive learning techniques like reading, watching or listening.

Our teacher-written quizzes are quick to play. Each question has a helpful explanation of the correct answer.

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“My son used your site quite frequently when he was studying for his GCSEs, as he has Aspergers Syndrome and struggled with his studies at school. He found the site very educational, beneficial and was able to study at his own pace and in a fun way, retaining the information he was gaining from the site. The site was a great foundation and the building blocks for his future studies."

Mrs Day - 25th February 2020

“I was one of the only ones who passed without a tutor so when I heard that I passed the test I nearly cried with happiness. The quizzes all helped me with my 11 plus and I passed both tests, not 1 but 2. These quizzes made me have fun with learning.”

Theo - 14th October 2017

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