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Numbers are mind-boggling. Seriously. Not only are they infinite (try wrapping your head around that!), but they come in a variety of types.

It’s like having a huge box of chocolates – without the chocolates. There are natural numbers, real numbers, imaginary numbers, rational numbers, irrational numbers and complex numbers to name a few. Did you know that 0 is both a real and an imaginary number?

Then there’s Roman numerals, fractions and percentages. No wonder maths is a tricky subject to learn, let alone master.

Think of a Number

Do you have a favourite number? Lots of people do. 7 is the most popular favourite number. Why do you like your favourite number so much? Is it because it’s your birthday number, or because it looks like an animal? Or something completely different?

Ready to Calculate?

There are four numbers games for you to play. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. They will all greatly improve your mental arithmetic – and that’s invaluable in everyday life.

The game is easy. Look at the four sums and choose which one isn’t correct. The more you get right, the higher your scores. Try and get on the weekly leaderboard to be the best and beat the rest.

The Boring Bits - Scoring

There are three scores (confusing, huh?):

  1. A session score. This is shown in the purple ‘Current score’ box
  2. A weekly leaderboard score - for subscribers only. This shows the highest scorers of the past 7 days
  3. An overall score - for subscribers only. This is shown in ‘Your Account’


The guys at EQ would love to know what you think of the game. Send an email to our Nerdy Ninjas with any improvements or suggestions (or just to let us know you enjoyed it!).

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