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We hope you agree that Active Recall (also known as Retrieval Practice) is generally accepted to be more effective than Passive Recall as a revision technique. By forcing our brain to remember things, we embed the knowledge more effectively than just reading, writing or listening. In the revision world, quizzes have a head start because they are probably the most efficient type of Active Recall.

Our website has more than 3,000 interactive quizzes that can be played on any device and our 10-question quizzes cover all the main subjects in GCSE, 11 Plus, KS1, KS2 and KS3.

A Free Quiz Every Day

Any visitor to our website can play at least one quiz of their choice, free-of-charge, every day. This is a free teacher resource that lets you recommend any individual quiz to your students and they will be able to play it without the need to subscribe.

Limitless Free Quizzes - School Referral Scheme

You might require your students to play more than one quiz as homework or end of term revision and the magicians in our techie department have created website functionality just for this scenario. Please email us the domain of your school (e.g. and we will set our programming to ensure that any number of quiz links that are clicked from your website to ours are played without charge.

To enable limitless quizzes to be played free of charge by your students, all you need do is email us the domain of your school website and we will do the rest

School Subscriptions

If neither of the above free services work for you then we will be happy to arrange an annual subscription for your school so that your students have their own individual logins and can play any quiz at any time. For small groups (up to 10 students) the annual subscription is just £49.99. You can enrol by clicking the orange button below. If you require more than 10 logins then please email us


Nice to Know: Most schools that use us never have to pay us anything!

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