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Set your students homework that marks itself. Get class reports in real-time. Our system is easy to use and will make planning less stressful and less time-consuming.

Choose a Quiz to Set as Homework

When you are logged-in, choose any quiz on the site and collect a unique quiz code by clicking ‘Get unique quiz code’. Give the quiz a name. Make a note of both the unique quiz code and the name.

Ask your Class to Play the Quiz

Tell your students to go to the page at and enter their name and the unique quiz code mentioned above. When they click ‘Click for lift-off’ they’ll be taken to the quiz and they can play it.

Review your Students’ Work

Every time a student plays a quiz the results will be recorded for you. Click ‘Teacher Admin’ near the top right-hand corner of any screen, Click ‘View Reports’ in the section headed ‘The EQ Teacher Assistant’ and navigate to the report you require.

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