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Using Quizzes In School

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Teacher with Students

A child who would complete a written exercise in preference to playing an online quiz is a rarity indeed, and we aim to help teachers capitalize on this innate love of quizzes. If it is easy to coax boys and girls to 'play' a quiz but difficult to persuade them to pick up a pen, then using quizzes helps everyone play to their strengths.

Complementing Classroom Learning

Quizzes won’t teach but they will help consolidate classroom learning. At the end of a teaching session, a classroom quiz provides some light relief that enables both teachers and students to evaluate whether the topic has been properly assimilated. If not, then pointers will have been provided to where further work is necessary. The teachers who write our quizzes target the key learning points in each curriculum and they give each quiz a description name so that it is easy for you to tie-in your teaching with our quizzes.

Written Quizzes in Lesson Plans

If you are looking to provide snappy, written quizzes as part of a lesson plan then you might like the fact that all our quizzes can be printed for offline use. With over 3,000 quizzes under one roof you’ll not need to spend valuable time searching for suitable quiz material or writing your own. Our teachers have done all the hard work for you.

Relief Teaching

Have you even been called upon to teach a subject with which you are unfamiliar to a class that you don’t even know? In an age of minimum staffing it’s an all too common problem to which quizzes can provide a lifeline. On the website you can quickly find quizzes for the relevant age and subject and then adopt the role of quizmaster in the certain knowledge that you will be on-topic.

Flipped Learning

Each of our quizzes comes complete with a short introduction to the subject followed by 10 relevant questions. Why not ask your students to play some quizzes in preparation for the next lesson? This technique supports the “Flipped Learning” model; it helps ensure that your students don’t come cold into a lesson but instead have some considered points for discussion.


Probably the most extensive use of our site is for revision purposes. In preparation for an exam your students can be directed to play a suite of quizzes. Can there be a more focused, efficient and engaging method of revising a subject? The longer we can keep them revising, the better they will do in their exams!

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