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Teachers - Self-Marking Homework


This is a free service provided by Education Quizzes to all teachers.

Our unique technology enables you to set any of our quizzes as self-marking-homework - the system automatically compiles reports for each of the students in each of your classes.

Your students will be identified to you, their teacher, but they do not need to register and we will never hold details about them. Here is how it works...

Click to register for free

Set a Quiz (only registered teachers who are logged-in can do this)

  • Navigate to any of the quizzes on the site and click PLAY
  • Give your class a name and then click Save
  • A popup will appear with details - click out of the white box when you have read it
  • Make a note of the name you have given to the class and the code.

Play Quiz as a Student

  • Go to the page at
  • Enter your First Name, Last Name and the Code for the quiz

The quiz will be opened up for free-play and the results will be sent to the teacher

View Reports (only logged-in teachers can do this)

  • Click Teacher admin near the top right-hand corner of any screen
  • Click VIEW REPORTS beneath The EQ Teacher Assistant
  • Click the Code for the report you wish to view

You can set as many quizzes as you like, for as many students as you like, as often as you like - all the results will be recorded for you to view or print whenever you like.

Click to register for free

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