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Writing Your Own Quizzes

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Teachers sometimes write their own online quizzes on platforms like Moodle and We understand that this can provide teachers with exactly the content they need and here are a few important considerations if you are thinking of going the do-it-yourself route:

Time Requirement for Writing

It sometimes surprises people how long it takes to write a quiz. Our teacher-quiz-writers tell us that it takes an average of two hours to write a quiz in our format to include an introduction, 10 relevant questions, 40 credible answers (multiple choice) and 10 helpful comments to help children remember the answer the next time.

Easy Accessibility

The quizzes need to be hosted on a website that allows easy navigation and we recommend using a descriptive title for each quiz so that the children can easily drill down to the quiz(zes) they require.

Multiple Choice Format

Multiple choice quizzes are easily “machine markable” – most other types are not.

Instant Results to Questions

There is evidence to suggest that it is more valuable for children to be told the correct answer to each question as they go along, in contrast to being given a “score sheet” after playing the quiz.

The Education Quizzes Offer

Use of our website provides advanced quiz-playing technology combined with over 3,000 ready-written quizzes.

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