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Tutoring for 11+ in Teignbridge - Sarah Marshall-Maun

Contact Details for Sarah Marshall-Maun:

Phone: 07787 376460


Only 6 miles from Newton Abbot
8 miles from Torquay
15 miles from Exeter

The 11+ in Torbay and How I Can Help

The 11+ exams for Churston Ferrers, Colyton and Torquay Boys' and Girls' Grammar Schools take place in September each year, within weeks of children starting Year 6. For the 11+ exams in our region, candidates are tested in English and Maths. Much of the content of the exams isn’t taught in school until after the 11+ exam has taken place, so having a personal tutor will give a child an extra edge when it comes to taking the tests. So, how can I help?

  • 1 hour's group tutoring per week during term time (max. 4 pupils per group)
  • Fun and nurturing lessons that give children a love of learning, while focussing on key skills and knowledge
  • A learning approach that puts pupils' wellbeing first
  • Expert advice on navigating the 11+ process from an experienced practitioner
  • Weekly homework and vocabulary exercises
  • Regular practice papers
  • Access to Class Dojo, which will include video links, revision tips, as well as extra revision resources
  • FREE access to online homework quizzes and activities
  • Summer mock exams and revision workshops
  • Lessons in my bespoke, Harry Potter-themed classroom near Teignmouth station

About Me...

My name is Sarah and I grew up in Teignmouth.

After leaving to study in Cambridge and then to live and work in London, I returned to the West Country in 2015 and now live in Teignmouth with my husband, our daughter and Agent Peggy Carter, our very demanding cat!

My Qualifications

Sarah Marshall-Maun I was educated at Torquay Girls' Grammar School and then went on to Exeter College to sit my A’levels. Following college, I attended the University of Cambridge, where I graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor of Education in History (Honours) and a Certificate in Further Education and Training.

My Experience

I have taught Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils for many years, in private and in state schools. In addition, I have also spent several years teaching as a private tutor. Over that time, I have gained extensive experience and training in teaching children with a variety of learning needs, including ADHD, ASD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, hearing impairment, visual impairment and processing disorders.

To get the best from my students I treat each one as an individual and tailor my approach to their learning style and needs. My sessions are interactive, lively and – most importantly – fun.

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