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The Four Most Common Ways of Using the Quizzes

Interesting Consolidation of Schoolwork

Ask your students to work through selected quizzes at home to reinforce the work they are doing in class. Suggest that they play a few quizzes each week to refresh their memory of the subjects.

Effective Revision for Exams

Choose the quizzes your students need to play to recap their learning quickly in preparation for tests and exams.

Incorporate Quizzes into your Lesson Schedules

All the quizzes can be printed for individual use or they can be worked through as a full lesson activity.

Set Quizzes as Homework

If you have created student accounts for your class, set them a quiz or two as homework. You will have access to each individual’s score and whether they have played the quiz or not. This provides invaluable insights into which students are struggling with a subject as well as which subjects are creating problems for the class as a whole.

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