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Materials and Structures
Wool is a good insulator. It keeps the heat in.

Materials and Structures

This Arts and Crafts quiz is called 'Materials and Structures' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is a fun way to learn if you are in the 1st or 2nd grade - aged 6 to 8.

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What are things made from? Why are a lot of houses built with bricks? Why are most shoes made from plastic and leather? Why are car engines made from metal? This quiz looks at different types of materials and their uses. It also looks at how buildings and other structures are made stronger.

Which one of these materials might be used to build a real bridge?
What else can be used to build bridges? - Metal and concrete
Why are stone, concrete or metal used to build bridges?
Because they are cheap
Because they are expensive
Because they are bendy
Because they are strong
What are bridges used to cross?
Tom’s Dad is building a rabbit hutch. What material does he use to build the hutch?
How will Tom’s Dad join the pieces of wood together?
Katie and Ella are building model towers with card. Ella puts lots of folds into her card. Why does she do this?
To make it stronger
To make it weaker
To make it go further
Just for fun
Round tubes are also stronger
Harry’s Dad is an engineer. He is helping to build a tall wall from concrete. He puts metal rods into the concrete. Why does he add metal rods to the concrete?
To make the wall weaker
To make the wall lighter
To make the wall bendy
To make the wall stronger
This is called reinforced concrete
Jack’s shoes fasten with a Velcro strap. The Velcro has lots of tiny hooks. The Velcro makes a ripping noise when Jack pulls the strap open. Why is Velcro such a handy material for this job?
Because it makes a funny sound
Because it does not have to be tied like laces
Because it has a funny name
Because it is very expensive
Do you have laces on any of your shoes? Are you good at tying laces?
A spider’s web is very light but surprisingly strong. What helps to make it strong?
There are lots of threads joined together
It is made of metal
It is glued together with super-glue
It is man-made
Why do spiders make webs?
There are railings outside Sam’s school. The railings are made of iron. The janitor is painting the railings. Why is the janitor painting the railings?
For something to do
To stop the iron rusting
To make them look nice
To make them stronger
Painting the railings does make them look nice, but the main job of the paint is to stop the railings rusting
Harriet is designing a blanket for a baby. Harriet decides to make the blanket from wool. Why does Harriet choose to use wool?
Because it is very heavy
Because wool will keep the baby cool
Because it is very expensive
Because wool is good at keeping the baby warm
Wool is a good insulator - it keeps the heat in
Sunil is designing a greenhouse. Plants will grow in the greenhouse. Sunil chooses to use glass for the windows of the greenhouse. Why does Sunil choose glass?
Because glass is transparent
Because glass never breaks
Because glass is very expensive
Because glass is bendy
Glass is transparent - it will let the sunlight through
Author:  David Bland

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