Grade 1 Reading Information - Informational Texts
Improve your English skills in this fun picture quiz.

Grade 1 Reading Information - Informational Texts

This English Language quiz is called 'Informational Texts' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is a fun way to learn if you are in the 1st or 2nd grade - aged 6 to 8.

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First graders should be reading stories on their own. These informational texts will help students understand the organization and information included in informational texts. Sometimes, students need prompting and support from an adult. They may need to help them select a complex text that is appropriate for first graders. In this quiz, the students will answer questions about the different skills they would see in an informational text.

Story 1 - Pizza

Pizza is a food that people love to eat. Pizza is made of dough. The dough is spread into a circle. Then a red sauce is spread over the dough. Cheese is then put over the sauce. Last, the toppings are put on the cheese. You can get pizza with pepperoni on it. Other toppings on a pizza are mushrooms, peppers and bacon. You must cut the pizza into slices. Then eat it.

Pizza shops will bring a pizza to you. You can also eat pizza in the shop. You can buy the pizza and take it with you.

Story 2 - China

China is a country in Asia. Lots of people live in China. There are lots of major cities in China. These cities are Shanghai and Beijing.

China has a large wall. It goes around most of the country. This wall is called the Great Wall of China. It was built a long time ago to keep out people. These people were trying to hurt the people in China. Chinese people would guard the wall.

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Read Story 1 - Pizza above.
What can you put on top of pizzas?
Toppings can be put on top of pizzas like bacon.
Read Story 1 - Pizza above.
How can you get a pizza?
Buy one on a plane.
A pizza shop will bring it to you.
Ask a friend for one.
It will fall out of the sky.
Pizza shops hire delivery drivers to deliver a pizza to people.
Read Story 1 - Pizza above.
What is spread on top of the dough?
Sauce is spread directly onto the pizza dough.
Read Story 1 - Pizza above.
What do you put on the pizza right before the toppings?
Before dropping the toppings on the pizza, you must put the cheese on it.
Read Story 1 - Pizza above.
How do you cut the pizza?
You do not cut the pizza.
Into circles.
Into pieces.
Into slices.
Pizzas are cut into slices before serving them.
Read Story 2 - China above.
Where is China?
In Asia.
In the North Pole.
In North America.
In South America.
China is a country located in Asia.
Read Story 2 - China above.
What are two major cities in China?
New York City and Dallas.
Wall and Guard.
Shanghai and Beijing.
Asia and Great Wall of China.
Shanghai and Beijing are two of the biggest cities in China.
Read Story 2 - China above.
Why was the Great Wall of China built?
To keep people out.
It is pretty.
To climb on it.
To get to Asia.
The Great Wall of China was built to keep people out who would hurt the people of China.
Read Story 2 - China above.
When was the Great Wall of China built?
Last year.
A long time ago.
A short time ago.
Last week.
The Great Wall of China was built a long time ago.
Read Story 2 - China above.
Where is the Great Wall of China?
To the south of China.
Below China.
In the middle of China.
Around China.
The Great Wall of China goes around most of China.
Author:  Amy Flanders

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