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Grade 1 Reading Literature - Prose and Poetry
Do you enjoying reading with your friends?

Grade 1 Reading Literature - Prose and Poetry

This English Language quiz is called 'Prose and Poetry' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is a fun way to learn if you are in the 1st or 2nd grade - aged 6 to 8.

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Frequently, first grade students should be reading grade-appropriate prose and poetry. Some of their reading should be for pleasure. Other times the reading may be assigned reading. The teacher should support and prompt the students to read books that are on their level. With this quiz, the students will read grade-level texts and answer questions about them.

Poem 1 - Leaves

The leaves change
From green
To red
To brown

A leaf blows
And there it goes
It falls and it is found
On the ground

Story 2 - Little Frog

Little Frog hops into the pond. He cries. He can’t hop onto a lily pad. He can only swim in the pond. His friends make fun of him. Little Frog’s father sees his son’s hopping. He needs to help him.
One day, Daddy Frog pushes the lily pads together. Daddy Frog shows Little Frog how to hop. Daddy Frog hops from one pad to another. Little Frog tries and tries. A week later, Little Frog hops from pad to pad. He is so happy.

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Read Poem 1 - Leaves above.
What season is this?
Since the leaves are changing colors and starting to fall, it is fall.
Read Poem 1 - Leaves above.
What is the leaf doing at the end of the poem?
Changing color.
Falling to the ground.
Growing on a tree.
Flying in the air.
At the end of the poem, a leaf falls to the ground.
Read Poem 1 - Leaves above.
Where does the leaf go at the end of the poem?
Onto a boy's coat.
Glued to a paper.
In the tree.
Onto the ground.
After the leaf falls, it falls onto the ground.
Read Poem 1 - Leaves above.
Where was the leaf first?
On the ground.
On the tree.
In a girl's hand.
On a house.
Before the leaf fell to the ground, it was on the tree.
Read Poem 1 - Leaves above.
Why is the leaf brown?
Because the leaf got dirty.
Because the leaf came from a brown tree.
Because leaves change colors.
Because a boy stepped on the leaf.
Leaves change colors and usually end up brown. They fall off the trees and die.
Read Story 2 - Little Frog above.
Why is Little Frog crying at the beginning of the story?
Because his dad isn't helping him.
Because he can't swim.
Because he has no friends.
Because he can't hop onto lily pads.
Little Frog can't hop onto lily pads so he gets upset.
Read Story 2 - Little Frog above.
Who helped Little Frog?
His mom.
His dad.
His friends.
His teacher.
Little Frog's dad shows him how to hop and has Little Frog practice.
Read Story 2 - Little Frog above.
Why is Little Frog happy at the end of the story?
He can now hop onto a pad.
He can now swim.
He now has lots of friends.
He is doing well at school.
Little Frog practices hopping from pad to pad which is why he is happy at the end of the story.
Read Story 2 - Little Frog above.
How long did it take Little Frog to hop from pad to pad?
A day.
5 minutes.
A week.
10 minutes.
It takes Little Frog a week to finally be able to hop from lily pad to lily pad.
Read Story 2 - Little Frog above.
Who made fun of Little Frog?
His mom.
His sister.
His dad.
His friends.
Since Little Frog couldn't hop, his friends made fun of him.
Author:  Amy Flanders

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