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Grade 1 Reading Literature - Retelling Stories
How good are you at retelling stories?

Grade 1 Reading Literature - Retelling Stories

This English Language quiz is called 'Retelling Stories' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is a fun way to learn if you are in the 1st or 2nd grade - aged 6 to 8.

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Retelling stories allows students to express the main ideas and important details in a story. Students will be able to read a story and then answer questions pertaining to the key details and message. This is one of the initial skills that 1st graders learn. It is important for students to be able to master retelling a story with the key details before moving on to more difficult skills. This quiz will enable students to read a text and pinpoint the important message to be learned.

Story 1 - Mary's Dress

It is the day of the school party. Mary is very happy and ready to go to the party. She knows she will wear her red dress to the party. Mary opens her closet and sees the side of her red dress. It is hanging in her closet. Mary’s older sister is Sarah. Sarah walks into Mary’s room.

“Do you want help getting ready for your party?” Sarah asks.

“Yes, please.” Mary says. Sarah takes the dress out of the closet. She sees something strange. There is a tear on the front of the red dress.

“Look!” Sarah shows Mary the tear on the dress. Both girls look at the dress. Mary starts to cry.

“Don’t cry, Mary. You can wear one of my dresses.” Sarah says.

“Great!” Mary says and runs into Sarah’s room.

Story 2 - John's Dog

John runs outside to look for his dog. Spot loves to play outside. John loves to play with Spot. His mom makes John play with Spot outside because she doesn’t want them to break anything inside the house.

Today, John walks to the back of the house to find his dog. He yells “Spot! Spot! Come here boy!” Spot does not come up to John. Then John sees the gate open. John runs fast out of the gate. Spot is lost. John runs back into the house.

“Mom! Spot is lost!” John yells. John’s father runs down the stairs.

“Why are you yelling?” John’s father asks.

“Spot is gone. The gate is open.” John is about to cry. His father starts laughing.

“Mom took Spot for a walk down the street.” John’s father says. John is happy again.

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Read Story 1 - Mary's Dress above.
Why does Mary cry?
Her sister is mean.
She wants to wear her sister's dress.
Her dress is torn.
She missed her party.
Mary doesn't start to cry until she sees that her dress is torn.
Read Story 1 - Mary's Dress above.
How does Sarah help Mary?
Sarah finds Mary's red dress.
Sarah helps Mary get dressed for her party.
Sarah lets Mary go to her school party.
Sarah lets Mary wear one of her dresses.
When Sarah and Mary see the tear in the red dress, Sarah helps Mary. She lets Mary wear one of her own dresses.
Read Story 1 - Mary's Dress above.
Why is Mary happy at the beginning of the story?
She is going to a school party.
She gets to wear her sister's dress.
Her dress is torn.
Her sister is helping her.
At the beginning of the story, Mary is very happy because she is wanting to go to the school party. She is getting ready for the party.
Read Story 1 - Mary's Dress above.
What is the main idea of the story?
The school party is today.
A girl is upset because her party dress is torn.
Two sisters help each other because they love each other.
The girls see something strange.
The story is about Mary getting upset because she sees her red dress torn.
Read Story 1 - Mary's Dress above.
What lesson did Mary learn?
Sisters can help you solve your problems.
A dress can get torn.
School parties can be fun.
Do not wear red.
Sarah seems to help Mary throughout the story. She comes in to help her get dressed, but then helps her find a dress from Sarah's closet.
Read Story 2 - John's Dog above.
What did John do when he ran into the house?
He looked for his dog.
He called for his dad.
He yelled for his mom.
He cried for his lost dog.
When John walked into the house, he was yelling for his mom. He thought his dog was lost.
Read Story 2 - John's Dog above.
Why did John get upset?
His mom took the dog for a walk.
His father yelled at him.
He wants a dog.
He lost his dog.
John couldn't find his dog. He gets upset when he can't find the dog.
Read Story 2 - John's Dog above.
Where is Spot?
Spot is in the yard.
No one knows where Spot is.
Spot is at the vet.
Mom is walking Spot.
After John walks inside, his father talks to him. He tells John that Spot is on a walk.
Read Story 2 - John's Dog above.
Why does John think Spot is lost?
His mom is not at home.
The gate is open.
His dog did not bark.
His father told John that Spot is lost.
John sees the gate open, and the dog is not in the yard. He thinks that the dog is lost.
Read Story 2 - John's Dog above.
What message did John learn in the story?
John learns he should get mad first if something is wrong.
John learns that his mom lost his dog.
John learns to keep the gate closed.
John learns to ask first if something is wrong.
John sees the gate open. He should have first asked his dad about the dog. Instead, he got scared and mad.
Author:  Amy Flanders

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