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Grade 1 Writing - Narratives
Try and write something every day to improve your English language skills.

Grade 1 Writing - Narratives

This English Language quiz is called 'Narratives' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is a fun way to learn if you are in the 1st or 2nd grade - aged 6 to 8.

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Usually, children are used to being read to with a storybook. Narratives have been a part of first graders' lives for a while. First graders should be able to write a narrative with a sequence of a few events. Some details should also be included. In the quiz, the students will practice the parts of a narrative and sequencing their events.

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What is a narrative?
An opinion.
Lots of facts.
A story.
A song.
Narratives are mainly stories with characters and a sequence of events.
What is an event?
Something that happens.
A person in the story.
A place in the story.
How a person feels.
An event is an action that takes place.
Which sentence should come next?
First, the girl saw a bug.
The girl wants to go look for bugs.
Last, the girl goes home.
First, the girl looks for bugs.
Then, the girl puts it in a jar.
This event makes sense to go next and it uses the correct signal word.
Which sentence should come next?
First, my dog wakes up. Then, he hears a sound.
Next, the dog goes to sleep.
Next, the dog starts to bark.
Last, the dog stops barking.
First, the dog gets in his bed.
The event of the dog barking makes sense and it uses the correct signal word.
What should happen next in the story?
I was making a cake. First, I saw no eggs in the fridge.
Then, I went to the store.
Last, I made the cake.
Next, I mixed the eggs.
First, I wanted to eat a cake.
This event would need to happen next because the narrator needs eggs for the cake.
What should happen next in the story?
The rain came down. First, the boy ran inside. Then, he got a towel.
Next, the boy wiped off the water.
Next, the boy saw the rain.
Next, the boy saw a towel.
Next, the boy saw the dark sky.
Even though the same correct signal word is used in each answer, the sentence that makes sense for the next step would be for the boy to wipe off the water.
Which sentence is written with details?
This is a puppy.
A puppy is here.
I see a puppy.
The brown puppy barked.
This sentence provides the most details with an adjective and action verb.
Which sentence is written with details?
The girl wants water.
Water is found here.
The water is wet.
The cool water poured in my mouth.
This sentence contains an adjective and action verb for details.
What are details?
They have a noun in the sentence.
They tell a lot about something.
They are what the text is all about.
They are stories about a girl and a boy.
Details tell the reader a lot about the topic.
How should events take place in a story?
From the last event to the first event.
From the first event to the last event.
At the same time.
There should be no events in a story.
The events in a story should be written in the correct sequential order.
Author:  Amy Flanders

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