Grade 1 Writing - Opinion Pieces
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Grade 1 Writing - Opinion Pieces

This English Language quiz is called 'Opinion Pieces' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is a fun way to learn if you are in the 1st or 2nd grade - aged 6 to 8.

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Since many of the essays that are written later in school are persuasive, it is helpful to start first graders with writing their opinion pieces. Expressing their viewpoint about a topic is important for first graders to put into writing. Many times first graders can easily verbalize what they think, but writing their opinion on a variety of topics takes practice. There is a format that the first graders need to follow. In this quiz, the students will answer questions about what should be included in their opinion pieces as well as practice answering questions about their opinions.

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What is an opinion?
It is to be happy or sad.
It is what you think about something.
It is a true fact.
It is to tell a story.
An opinion is your thoughts and beliefs about a topic.
What is a topic?
It is all the facts in a story.
It is a story that is fun.
It is the person who wrote a book.
It is what a text is all about.
A topic is the subject of a text and all of the information in the text supports the topic.
Look at the picture of the blue book with the train on it. What is the title of this book?
Activity Book
All Aboard!
The title is usually written in big letters across the cover of the book.
Look at the picture. What could be the topic of the picture?
The color pink
The topic of this picture could be pigs because it is a picture of a bunch of pigs.
Which is an opinion of a book?
The book has 10 pages in it.
I liked this book.
The book is yellow.
The book is about dogs.
An opinion is the beliefs and thoughts of someone. Liking a book would be an opinion.
What is an opinion of the sun?
The sun is yellow.
The sun gives off light.
The sun is hot.
The sun is pretty.
This sentence is an opinion because it states how you feel about the sun.
What is an opinion of a dog?
Dogs bark.
Dogs are messy.
Dogs need food.
Dogs drink water.
Some dogs would be considered clean by some people. This is why the sentence is an opinion.
Why does candy taste good?
It is sweet.
It is hard.
It can have lots of colors on it.
It costs money.
Since the question is asking about tasting candy, tasting sweet makes sense in answering the question.
Why do people like roses?
They can hurt.
They are ugly.
They grow in the sun.
They smell good.
Roses usually smell good which is why people usually give roses to people.
Why is your mom nice?
She helps you.
She wears clothes.
She drives a car.
She rides a bike.
Since your mom helps you, that makes her nice. The other sentences don't support the question even if they may be true.
Author:  Amy Flanders

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