Grade 1 Writing - Recollection
Try your best in this Grade 1 English picture quiz.

Grade 1 Writing - Recollection

This English Language quiz is called 'Recollection' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is a fun way to learn if you are in the 1st or 2nd grade - aged 6 to 8.

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First graders enjoy recalling and retelling stories about their lives. However, this is also helpful for them. Also, students should gather information from provided sources when a question is posed to them. These recollection questions should be questions that don't require research. In this quiz, the students will recollect information from a story they read.

Text 1 - Lions

Lions are animals. They live in the wild. Lions are big cats. They live in Asia and Africa. They may live to be ten years old. Lions live in grassy lands. Some live in forests. Lions like to talk to other lions. Lions live in groups called prides.

Lions are very strong. They have round heads and small necks. Their ears are small too. Lions are light brown in color. The lion has a lot of hair. This hair is called a mane. The hair is around his face.

Lions can be scary. They roar very loudly. They have sharp teeth. A lion may hurt other animals. They also have claws.

Text 2 - Paint

People like to paint. You will need a brush and paints. You will also need paper. Water is needed to be in a glass. A clean space should be set up.

People will paint pictures. They may paint their family or friends. The paintings can be colorful. People will use blue, red, green, yellow and many other colors.

There are two types of paint. There are water and oil paints. Water paints come in a flat tray. Oil paints come in tubes or cups.

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The teacher wants you to write about the topic. The topic is to write a story about when you were brave. Which event should be in your story?
I read a good book.
I rode a wild horse.
My mom cut my hair.
Trees blew in the wind.
Riding a wild horse would be brave for a child to do.
The teacher wants you to write about the topic. The topic is to write about something you like to do. Which event should be in your story?
My body needs good food.
Many students make good grades.
I do my homework.
Playing a sport is fun.
This topic refers to someone's hobbies and playing sports is a hobby.
The teacher wants you to write about the topic. The topic is to write about what you put on your pizza. Which event should be in your story?
Ham and bacon tastes yummy.
My favorite drink is water.
I like to eat salad.
I eat a meal at dinner.
This sentence best supports the topic.
Read Story 1 - Lions above.
What is a group of lions called?
When a group of lions come together, they are called a pride.
Read Story 1 - Lions above.
Why are lions scary?
They have sharp teeth.
They live in the wild.
They talk to other lions.
They live in Asia.
With sharp teeth and claws, lions can be scary.
Read Story 1 - Lions above.
Where do lions live?
In the roar.
In claws.
In the mane.
In the wild.
Lions usually live in the wild unless they live in a zoo.
Read Story 1 - Lions above.
How old do lions live to be?
Two years old.
Ten years old.
Five years old.
One year old.
Lions live to be between ten and fourteen years old.
Read Story 2 - Paint above.
What do you need to paint a picture?
Cups or tubes.
Blue and green.
Water and oil.
Brush and paints.
To paint a picture, you really need a paintbrush and paints.
Read Story 2 - Paint above.
What do people paint?
People paint pictures.
Read Story 2 - Paint above.
What are the two types of paint?
Brush and paints.
Tubes and cups.
Water and oil.
Blue and red.
The two types of paints include water and oil paints.
Author:  Amy Flanders

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