Grade 2 Reading Information - Main Topic
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Grade 2 Reading Information - Main Topic

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Determining the main topic or idea of a paragraph can be confusing for students. However, it can be even more difficult when there are many paragraphs about the same topic, but they have different main ideas. Students need to practice identifying the main ideas and topics of multiple paragraphs. This can be done with practice. In this quiz, the students will be answering questions about the main idea and details of the paragraphs in a text.


Many years ago, there were no cars. Instead, families traveled in wagons. These wagons were covered with canvas. Canvas is a tough material that is made of plant products. The canvas would be pulled over the wooden beams. This cover would stop the rain and heat from coming into the wagon.

Animals would pull the wagon. These animals would be horses or oxen. The family would join six to eight horses to the wagon.

The wheels of the wagon were very big. They could be six feet tall. The wagons were built with tough axles. The axle was a rod to keep the wheels firm. Trails were rough and rocky. The wagon needed to be solid so the wheels would not break.

Sometimes, the family would travel to a river or lake. They would have to float the wagon across the water.

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What is canvas?
Material made of plant products.
Long wooden beams.
Rain and heat.
Wheels and axles.
Canvas is a material that is made of plant products.
How many animals pull the wagon?
Between six and eight horses or oxen will pull a wagon.
What are the rods that keep the wheels firm?
Wagon wheels.
The axles are the rods that keep the wheels firm in place.
A family in a wagon comes to a river. What will the family do?
They will leave the wagon behind.
They will go around the river.
They will float the wagon.
The family will swim across with no wagon.
The family floats the wagon across the river even though it is risky.
What were the trails like?
Usually, the trails were rough and rocky. They were not safe or smooth.
Why did the wagon have a cover?
Because it would make the wagon dark inside.
Because it would keep the rain and heat out.
Because it would not let other people see inside their wagon.
Because it made the wagon look nice.
The main purpose of the cover was to keep the rain and heat out of the inside of the wagon.
What is the main topic of the 1st paragraph?
The wagon's cover.
The rain and heat.
Plant products.
Wooden beams.
The main idea or topic of the first paragraph is about the wagon's cover.
What is the main topic of the 2nd paragraph?
The plant products on the wagon.
The trails that the wagon takes.
The family who lives in the wagon.
The animals that pull the wagon.
The 2nd paragraph explains the animals that usually pull the wagon.
What is the main topic of the 3rd paragraph?
Broken wagons.
Wheels and axles.
Horses and oxen.
The 3rd paragraph is about the wagon wheels and axles on a covered wagon.
What is the main topic of the 4th paragraph?
The animals in a river.
A wagon traveling across a river.
Family fun at the river.
Swimming in a river.
The last paragraph is about how a wagon gets across a river.
Author:  Amy Flanders

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