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Grade 2 Reading Literature - Character Viewpoints
See if you can get top marks in this Grade 2 English quiz.

Grade 2 Reading Literature - Character Viewpoints

This English Language quiz is called 'Character Viewpoints' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is a fun way to learn if you are in the 1st or 2nd grade - aged 6 to 8.

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The characters in a story have different viewpoints depending on the events in the story. Second graders should be able to determine these viewpoints of the characters. They should also compare the different viewpoints of these characters. If a story is being read aloud, the student should detect the different characters and their viewpoints. In the quiz, the students will practice figuring out the viewpoints of the characters.

Story - Mad Sisters

Molly quietly walks into her sister’s room. She knows her sister is not there. Terry is eating. Terry doesn’t want Molly in her room. She must ask Terry first. Molly doesn’t care. Molly can’t find her best pink shirt. She thinks it is in Terry’s closet.

Molly peeks into her sister’s closet. There are many pink shirts in there. She looks at each shirt in the closet. It takes a few minutes. She doesn’t see her shirt in the closet. Molly is about to look under the bed. Terry walks in.

“What are you doing in my room?” Terry asks. Terry is angry. Her face is red.

“I know you took my pink shirt.” Molly says. Molly is angry too. Her voice is loud.

“Here!” Terry grabs the pink shirt off the floor. It was under a pile of dirty clothes. She throws it at Molly. The mother of Molly and Terry walks in to Terry’s room.

“Why are you yelling?” Mom asks. She is not happy. Both girls start talking.

“Molly came into my room!” Terry says.

“Terry stole my pink shirt!” Molly says. Mom thinks.

“You both did wrong. No TV for a week!” Mom says to both girls.
Who gets mad first in the story?
Terry gets mad first because she finds Molly in her room.
Why did Molly go into Terry's room?
To get Terry's shirt.
Because Terry is loud.
To find her pink shirt.
Because her Mom was in the room.
Molly is trying to find her pink shirt in Terry's closet.
Where is the pink shirt?
In Terry's closet.
On Terry's floor.
Mom had the shirt.
In Molly's room.
The pink shirt is found on the floor of Terry's room.
Why does Molly get mad?
Because Terry took her shirt.
Because Terry is in her room.
Because she can't watch TV for a week.
Because Terry's closet is full.
Molly knows Terry took her pink shirt, so she gets angry.
Why does Terry get mad?
Because Terry can't watch TV for a week.
Because Molly is yelling at her.
Because Molly took her shirt.
Because Molly is in her room.
Terry gets mad at Molly for being in her room.
Why does Mom get mad?
Because the girls were watching TV.
Because both girls were wrong.
Because the girls took Mom's shirt.
Because the girls went into Mom's room.
Both girls were wrong, so that is why Mom got mad.
Where does Molly look for her shirt?
On Molly's floor.
Near the TV.
Mom's room.
Terry's closet.
Molly first looks into Terry's closet for her pink shirt.
How does Molly get her shirt back?
Terry throws it back at Molly.
Mom give Molly back her shirt.
Molly buys a pink shirt.
Molly gets it out of Terry's closet.
When Terry sees Molly in her room, she throws the pink shirt back at Molly.
Who does Mom think is wrong?
Both Molly and Terry.
No one.
Mom gets mad at both Molly and Terry because they are both wrong.
Why does Mom walk into Terry's room?
Mom sees Molly in Terry's room.
The girls are yelling.
Mom knows Terry took Molly's shirt.
The TV is on.
Mom hears the girls yelling and comes into Terry's room.
Author:  Amy Flanders

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