Grade 2 Reading Literature - Comprehension
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Grade 2 Reading Literature - Comprehension

This English Language quiz is called 'Comprehension' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is a fun way to learn if you are in the 1st or 2nd grade - aged 6 to 8.

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For extra practice, students should be reading for pleasure in a variety of genres. This practice will support their reading skills. It will also strengthen their reading ability due to the extra practice. Second graders should read literature including stories and poetry. In this quiz, the students read a short story and answer comprehension questions.

Story - The Rose Contest

Joe has just entered the Grand Land Rose Contest. His rose had been growing in his garden. It took three weeks to grow.

Now, the judge looks at all of the roses. There are red roses, yellow roses and pink roses. He walks up and down the row. There are rows and rows of roses. They all look beautiful. The judge stops at each rose. He bends over. He looks at each rose carefully. Then he moves to the next rose.

The judge stops at Joe’s rose on the last row. His rose is red and white. It is the only rose with two colors. He looks all over the rose. Then the judge walks to the next rose.

After a few more roses, the judge is done. He walks away and thinks for a few minutes. Then the judge takes the first place ribbon out of his pocket. He walks down the last row and stops at Joe’s rose. The judge places the ribbon in front of Joe’s rose. Joe smiles.

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What is the contest?
A pie contest.
A cake contest.
A rose contest.
A garden contest.
Joe enters the Grand Land Rose Contest and submits his rose.
How long did it take the rose to grow?
Three days.
Three weeks.
Two days.
Two weeks.
It took three weeks for the rose to grow to its right height.
How many judges are there?
The story doesn't exactly state there is only one judge, but it only mentions a judge.
How is Joe's rose different?
It is the last rose in the row.
It is the tallest rose.
It is a red rose.
It is two colors.
Joe's rose is the only one that is two colors.
Where is Joe's rose?
The last rose that is judged.
On the first row.
On the last row.
The first rose that is judged.
Joe's rose is on the last row, but it is not the last rose that was judged.
Why was the judge's job hard?
Because the judge is blind.
Because the roses were all red.
Because the roses were all beautiful.
Because the judge doesn't know much about roses.
Since all of the roses were beautiful, this would make the judge's job hard.
What do the roses look like?
Pink, yellow and red.
Red only.
The roses are different colors.
Who wins the contest?
The Judge.
Joe's mom.
Joe's friend.
Joe wins the rose contest at the end of the story.
How does the judge look at the roses?
Very carefully.
Very fast.
With his friends.
With help from Joe.
The judge bends over and looks all over the roses. So, he is judging them carefully.
How does Joe act at the end of the story?
He is happy.
He is sad.
He frowns.
He yells.
Joe is happy because he smiles.
Author:  Amy Flanders

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