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Grade 2 Reading Literature - Question Words
Meet Ben and Pete in this English Language quiz.

Grade 2 Reading Literature - Question Words

This English Language quiz is called 'Question Words' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is a fun way to learn if you are in the 1st or 2nd grade - aged 6 to 8.

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When reading a text, students need to be actively reading. To do this, students should begin by thinking about who is in the story, what is happening in the story, where the story is taking place and when the story is taking place. The students should also think about why and how events are taking place in the story. This will help the students understand the key details. In the quiz, the students will practice reading a text and answering these types of questions.

Story - Swimming in the River

Pete looks down the river. The river is rough. The water is in waves. It is early in the morning.

Pete and his best friend are swimming. They will be swimming two miles every day. They want to make the swim team at school. The Beakwood School is letting students try out. The boys have to be ready in three days.

“Ben, where are you?” Pete yells. Ben stops swimming. He turns toward Pete.

“I am here,” Ben says freely. Ben is better at swimming than Pete. Pete is already breathing hard. They have just started.

“Why are we swimming in the river?” Pete asks.

“Because this would make us strong.” Ben says. “Swimming in a pool is easy.” Pete rolls his eyes. He really doesn’t like swimming. This was really Ben’s idea. Pete starts swimming again. He really wants to help his friend. Ben really wants to make the team. Pete will be a good friend.

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What question could be answered from the story?
Who is the older boy?
Why are the boys swimming in the river?
How many boys will make the swim team?
Where is the river?
This is the only question that can be answered, and it can be answered in the last paragraph.
What question could be answered from the story?
When will the boys try out for the swim team?
Why is Ben better at swimming?
Who is Ben's sister?
What will the boys do after they swim?
The story explains in the second paragraph that the boys have to be ready to try out in three days.
Where are the boys swimming?
At school.
In a pool.
At a gym.
In a river.
The boys are swimming in a river.
Where do the boys go to school?
Pete School.
River School.
Beakwood School.
Ben School.
Beakwood School is Ben's and Pete's school.
When are the boys swimming?
At school.
In the morning.
At noon.
At night
The boys are swimming early in the morning.
What does Pete think about swimming?
He loves it.
He doesn't like it.
He thinks it is okay.
He likes it better than Ben.
Pete really doesn't like swimming that much.
Why is Pete breathing hard?
Because he is tired.
Because he likes to swim.
Because he is good at swimming.
Because he is trying out for the swim team.
Pete really didn't like to swim. He would probably get tired from swimming.
Who really wants to make the swim team?
Both Ben and Pete.
No one.
Even though both of the boys are swimming, Ben is really the one who wants to make the swim team.
How are the boys preparing for the swim try outs?
They are going to school.
They are running.
They are swimming in a pool.
They are swimming in a river.
The boys are practicing in a river because it is harder to swim in a river. This will make them better swimmers.
The boys are preparing. How many miles will the boys swim?
Five miles each day.
One mile for three days.
Two miles every day.
Two miles in three days.
The boys will swim two miles every day.
Author:  Amy Flanders

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