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Grade 2 Reading Literature - Understanding
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Grade 2 Reading Literature - Understanding

This English Language quiz is called 'Understanding' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is a fun way to learn if you are in the 1st or 2nd grade - aged 6 to 8.

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Illustrations help students fully comprehend a story. Second graders use the information they learn from the illustrations and apply it to the knowledge from the story. They will apply it to the understanding of the characters, setting or plot. The illustrations could be photographs, drawings, diagrams or charts, to name a few. In the quiz, the students will use the illustrations and story to help them answer questions about the story.

Story - My Brother the Pest

“Stop! Stop!” Billy cries. Tears run down his face. His brother plays with his toy car. He is being a pest.

“Tell Paul to stop!” Billy yells to his mom. The family is in the car. They are driving miles away. They are on a trip. The family has been in the car for hours.

“Paul, stop being a pest!” Mom says to Paul. Dad is driving.

“Don’t make me stop the car!” Dad says. Billy turns around. He makes a face at Paul. Paul plays with his toy car. He starts making car noises. This noise makes Billy mad.

“Tell Paul to stop the noise!” Billy says to his mom. Paul takes the toy car. He moves it over Billy’s seat. Billy starts to cry.

“I’m just playing with my toy car,” Paul says to his mom. Dad pulls the car over. Mom, Dad, Paul and Billy get out of the car. Dad has his sons sit in other seats.

(To see a larger image, click on the picture.)
How old is Billy?
One week old.
Four years old.
15 years old.
20 years old.
From the picture, the boy looks four.
Why is Paul being a pest?
He sings a song.
He gives the toy car to Billy.
He pushes the car in Billy's face.
He reads a book.
Billy is angry because Paul is pushing the toy car in Billy's face.
Who are Billy and Paul?
Mom and dad.
The boys are brothers since they are not getting along.
Where is the family?
In a car.
In a house.
In a school.
At the park.
The family is riding in a car.
What does Mom say to Paul?
The mother just wants the behavior to stop.
Mom says something to Paul.
What does Billy do next?
Gets tired.
Smiles in a kind way.
Makes a nice face.
Makes a mean face.
From the picture, Billy makes a mean face at his brother.
What is the 2nd thing Paul does?
It makes Billy mad.
Paul starts to cry.
Paul takes the toy from Billy.
Paul makes noises.
Paul plays with another toy.
Paul is making noises now which bothers Billy.
Who is driving the car?
From the picture, Dad is driving the car.
Why does Dad pull the car over?
Mom is tired.
Dad is mad.
Paul drops his toy.
Dad wants to play with the toy car.
From the picture, you can tell that Dad is not happy.
Where are Billy and Paul sitting at the end of the story?
The brothers are next to each other.
The sister sits in the middle.
The boys sit in the front seat.
Their seats are the same.
The sister sits in the middle so that the boys are not next to each other.
Author:  Amy Flanders

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