Grade 2 Speaking / Listening - Key Details
Read both stories carefully before answering the questions.

Grade 2 Speaking / Listening - Key Details

This English Language quiz is called 'Key Details' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is a fun way to learn if you are in the 1st or 2nd grade - aged 6 to 8.

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Listening to a narrative or informational text allows students to describe key details. They can also be asked to recount what they just heard. This allows students to practice a different kind of skill. They are using their speaking and listening skills. In this quiz, the students will listen to a story and then answer questions about the key details of the text.

Story 1 - Alphabet

The alphabet is a group of 26 letters that is used in the English language. The English alphabet has both vowels and consonants. Vowels are a, e, i, o, u and sometimes y. Each word in the English language must have at least one vowel in it.

Each letter in the alphabet has a certain sound that it makes. Sometimes, these letters can be put together. Then the sound would be blended together. For example, blending b with l makes the “bl” sound.

You must use your lips and tongues to say these letters. Only one alphabet sound can be made when you don’t move your lips and tongue.

Story 2 - Elbows

The elbow is a joint in your arm. It makes your front arm and hand move up and down. Your elbow can only move in one direction. However, it lets you pick up things off the floor and move them closer to you. If you are hungry, you will use your elbow to get the food to your mouth.

Elbows can get hurt. If you fall on the ground, your elbow could hit the ground. This could cause a fracture. A fracture is when your elbow is broken. Moving a bone out of the joint is called a dislocation.

An elbow can only move one way. It is not like your shoulder. Your shoulder can move around and around due to the type of joint it is. So, you can’t lick your elbow if you tried.

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Read Story 1 – Alphabet
How do you blend sounds?
With two letters.
With a vowel.
With another word.
Without moving your lips or tongue.
Blending letters is explained in the story and it states that a blend contains two letters.
Read Story 1 – Alphabet
What does every word have to have in the English language?
Three consonants.
One vowel.
Two sounds.
An “e” in the word.
The story states that every word has to include a, e, i, o, u or y.
Read Story 1 – Alphabet
There are two types of letters in the alphabet. What are they?
Vowels and words.
Consonants and blends.
Vowels and consonants.
Words and blends.
There are vowels and consonants in the English alphabet.
Read Story 1 – Alphabet
What must you use to say the sounds of the alphabet?
Lips and tongue.
Lungs and heart.
The story explains how you must use your lips and tongue to say the sounds of the alphabet.
Read Story 1 – Alphabet
How many sounds can you make without moving your tongue or lips?
All of the sounds.
The story explains that you can only make one sound if you don’t move your lips and tongue.
Read Story 2 – Elbows
What is an elbow?
The story explains that the elbow is a joint.
Read Story 2 – Elbows
You break your elbow. What is it called?
In the text, it explains that there are ways to hurt your elbow.
Read Story 2 – Elbows
Your elbow is pulled out of the joint. What is it called?
Another way to hurt your elbow is by a dislocation which is explained in the text.
Read Story 2 – Elbows
What can move all around?
Only the shoulder can move in different directions.
Read Story 2 - Elbows
Why can’t you lick your elbow?
Because your elbow does not move.
Because your elbow is probably fractured.
Because your elbow is locked in place.
Because your elbow only moves in one way.
Elbows can only move in one direction.
Author:  Amy Flanders

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