Grade 2 Speaking / Listening - Response
Improve your English language in this quiz.

Grade 2 Speaking / Listening - Response

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It is important for students to link their comments to the previous student’s comment. This will help the discussion run smoothly. It won’t be choppy. Yet, students need to be taught how to do that. In this quiz, the students will choose comments that pertain to the previous comments made.

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Which comment below links to this comment?
“An otter may hold hands with another otter.”
I hold hands with my friends.
Elephants raise their trunks.
They must be friendly animals.
I am a friendly person.
A student might make this comment in order to explain why these animals are holding hands.
Which comment below links to this comment?
“People drink lots of soft drinks.”
My family drinks a carton every week.
Water is everywhere.
You use your throat to drink.
Dogs drink water.
A student might explain how this pertains to his or her life.
Which comment below links to this comment?
“Most people have not seen snow.”
It is going to rain tomorrow.
They must live in places with warm weather.
You can buy a snow cone at that shop.
Ice is very cold.
A student is saying a comment that explains the first comment.
Which comment below links to this comment?
“People eat bugs, but they don’t know that they are.”
I ate a bug when it was in my sandwich.
My brother ate a sandwich last night.
The ant crawled on the ground.
I don’t like picnics because of the ants.
A student might give an example of the comment made.
Which comment below links to this comment?
“A few snakes have two heads.”
A snake slithers in the grass.
The heads fight each other for food.
Worms are smaller than snakes.
The zoo has a display for fish.
A comment might be about what may happen if a snake has two heads.
Which comment below links to this comment?
“Some lizards can change colors.”
My favorite color is blue.
A lizard can blend in with the leaves.
Lizards usually crawl around on the ground.
Garden snakes are green or black.
This comment would explain the purpose for animals changing colors.
Which comment below links to this comment?
“A giraffe has a long tongue.”
A giraffe can eat leaves.
The giraffe can clean its ears with its tongue.
The giraffe is very tall.
Dinosaurs were very tall animals too.
A student may explain how long the giraffe’s tongue is.
Which comment below links to this comment?
“Sharks can smell blood in the water.”
That is why sharks bite humans.
Many movies have sharks in them.
Waves are in the ocean.
Dolphins swim in the seas.
A student might make a comment that explains the result of the first comment.
Which comment below links to this comment?
“Hippos have big mouths."
Some animals have small ears.
I saw a hippo in the water.
Hippos could fit a dog in their mouths.
A tiger could kill a hippo.
A student may want to elaborate on the first comment.
Which comment below links to this comment?
“The tongue is very strong.”
I can taste sweet and sour.
You have many different taste buds.
My dad has big muscles.
The tongue is the strongest muscle in the body.
A student may expand on the comment by explaining how strong the tongue is.
Author:  Amy Flanders

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