Grade 2 Writing - Informative Texts
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Grade 2 Writing - Informative Texts

This English Language quiz is called 'Informative Texts' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is a fun way to learn if you are in the 1st or 2nd grade - aged 6 to 8.

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Informative and explanatory texts allows the second grader to write a factual writing piece. It should include the topic sentence followed by facts. The facts should support the topic sentence. Last, the conclusion sentence should be stated. In this quiz, the student will answer questions about writing informative pieces.

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Which fact supports the topic?
Topic: The mouse is different than a rat.
Mickey Mouse lives at Disneyworld.
I use my mouse with a computer.
Rats are larger than mice.
People say rats when they are mad.
This fact supports the topic by giving an example of how these animals are different.
Which fact supports the topic?
Topic: Money comes in different forms.
Everyone loves money.
Coins and bill are money.
Shoppers help stores make money.
Money definitely makes people happy.
Two forms of money are coins and bills which is also a fact.
You are to write about the picture.
What sentence supports the topic of the circus elephants?
The circus has been around for many years.
An elephant is an animal with big ears and a long trunk.
Elephants are fun to watch at the circus.
Elephants are trained to perform tricks in the circus.
This sentence supports the topic about circus elephants and it is a fact.
Which fact supports the topic?
Topic: People breathe in air.
Air will blow if it is windy.
The air is warm outside.
People eat food.
The air goes into their lungs.
This fact applies to the topic because it supports the topic sentence.
Which is a fact?
Olives taste better on a pizza than peppers.
The woman at the pizza shop is always nice.
This pizza tastes terrible.
The pizza has bacon and chicken on it.
The other statements have opinions in them, but the last sentence can be proven true.
What is a concluding sentence?
A sentence that supports the topic.
A sentence that wraps up the paragraph.
A sentence that states a fact.
A sentence that is at the beginning of a paragraph.
The concluding sentence is located at the end of a paragraph and it wraps up the paragraph.
You are to write about the picture.
What sentence supports the picture?
The water is dirty from trash.
People drink water every day.
Water is used more for washing than drinking.
People clean with soap and water.
This sentence supports the picture since the picture shows a polluted river.
You are to write about the picture.
What sentence supports the topic of the Golden Gate Bridge?
A bridge in China has a Ferris wheel on it.
The Golden Gate Bridge is over 8,000 feet long.
All bridges are scary.
The Golden Gate Bridge is very short.
The supporting sentence should be about the Golden Gate Bridge and it should be a fact.
Which is a fact?
The earth orbits the sun.
It is unfair that I got a burn from the sun.
The sun shines too brightly.
Earth is a great planet.
It can be proven true that the earth orbits the sun.
You are to write about the picture.
What sentence supports the topic of a cactus?
Some flowers grow in a desert.
A cactus grows in a rainy place.
A cactus lives in a dry place.
Animals like to eat cactus.
If the topic is about a cactus, a sentence to support the topic would be about the cactus living in a dry place. The picture shows a desert.
Author:  Amy Flanders

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