Grade 2 Writing - Research Project
Improve your writing in this enjoyable picture quiz.

Grade 2 Writing - Research Project

This English Language quiz is called 'Research Project' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is a fun way to learn if you are in the 1st or 2nd grade - aged 6 to 8.

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Using multiple sources is needed in order to create a complete research project. Students in 2nd grade will need to learn how to use the library and gather several sources about a topic. They should read several books and find facts from these sources. Then they can gather and write their research project. In this quiz, the students will answer questions about a research project.

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You read the following from a book.
What should you write down?
A penny is money in the U.S. It is worth one cent and it is made of copper. A penny doesn’t weigh very much. It weighs about 1/240 of a pound.
A penny is one cent, made of copper and weighs 1/240 of a pound.
Pennies are bright and shiny copper pieces of money.
People keep pennies in their pockets because they are worth one cent.
It is easy to hold a penny because it doesn’t weigh much.
This information would include the main points about a penny.
You are doing a research project. Where should you look for books?
In the classroom library.
In the school library.
In your textbook.
In a short story.
Even though the classroom library and a textbook may help with some writing assignments, the library should be used for a research project.
Your group and you must do a research project.
What should you NOT use in the library?
A computer.
The librarian.
Fictional books would not contain facts needed for a research project.
Your group and you must do a research project.
What should each person in the group be doing in the library?
Each person should be doing their own research project.
Each person should be asking questions of each other.
Each person should be reading books for facts.
Each person should be talking to their friends.
All students need to be reading for facts in order to start compiling the information for a research project.
Which book would be good to use for your topic?
Topic: Abraham Lincoln
Lincoln is on the Penny.
The Lincoln Car.
The Life of Abraham Lincoln.
Presidents Today.
This book would have lots of information about Abraham Lincoln including his life and career.
Which book would be good to use for your topic?
Topic: California
States in the U.S.
Sunny Beaches.
Gold is Great.
Hot Weather.
This book would definitely contain information about California. The other choices might or might not have information about California.
You are in the library. Who is the best person to help you with your own project?
A friend.
A classmate.
Your mom.
The librarian.
The librarian will help you with your research project. The librarian is the best person to help students in the library.
You read the following from a book.
What should you write down?
A tree is a plant with a thick trunk and branches that shoot off of the trunk. A tree also has roots that grow under the dirt. When the tree grows, a bud or bloom may grow. Then leaves also grow.
Trees grow from under the dirt.
Tree is a plant with trunk, roots, branches, leaves and a bud.
A tree may be green, red, yellow, or brown. It depends on the weather.
Trees need water to grow so their trunk gets thick.
If you wrote this note, this would include all of the important information about trees.
How many books should you read for your research project?
At least three or more.
For a research project, students should go to the library and read several books.
Which book would be good to use for your topic?
Topic: Stars in the sky
Planets in the Universe.
Things in Space.
How to draw a star.
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.
The other choices do not have information about stars that are in the sky. There would be some information about stars in this book.
Author:  Amy Flanders

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