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Rules Outside of School
There are rules to help you cross the road. Do you know them?

Rules Outside of School

This Health quiz is called 'Rules Outside of School' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is a fun way to learn if you are in the 1st or 2nd grade - aged 6 to 8.

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This quiz reminds children of the basic safety advice given about fires, crossing the road and more.

Rules are everywhere and are designed to keep us safe. In school, you have the Golden Rules but outside of school there will be rules you follow without realizing it.

Which of these is not a rule or law?
Don't call 999 for fun
Don't set fires
Don't eat too many donuts
Don't steal
Every day you follow rules but don't realize it - you are just being a good citizen!
If you see a fire, what should you do?
Get some marshmallows, wait for them to melt then eat them
Scream then faint
Run for your life
Pull any emergency alarm and call the fire company
This is true for any place, any time and any country.
A stranger approaches you and asks you to come into the car. What should you do?
Scream at them to go away
Jump into the car
Say you can only go for a quick ride
Say no thank you and enter a shop or find your parent/guardian and tell them straight away
If you don't know someone, say no and then try to get away from them as quickly as possible.
You walk through the door and can see someone coming your way. What should you do?
Hold the door open for them
Quickly close the door on them
Walk off and assume they can hold their own door
Hold the door until they get to it then slam it in their face
This is a general rule of kindness that you should do inside and outside of school.
You can't kick people in school as it's a school rule but outside of school you can - is this correct and why?
No - you should never kick in school or outside of school because then aliens will take you away
No - you should never kick in school or outside of school because it's a horrible thing to do
Yes - kicking can be done outside of school
Yes - kicking is allowed between 5pm and 7pm
Many of the rules you follow in school can and should be followed outside of school.
What do your parents have to do when they see a red traffic light?
Get ready to go
Drive through it
Turn the car around
This is a rule and law of the road.
What do you do when you want to cross a road?
Look left and right and make sure the road is clear
Look left and right and walk out even if the road is not clear
Just walk across the road
Run across the road
Some rules are just general common sense, like this one.
You're with your mom and decide you want to go to a different area of the shopping center, so what do you do?
Run off
Ask your mom if you can go, if she says no ask to go together when she has finished
Ask a stranger to take you
Stand still and refuse to move until you get what you want
Sometimes in life we have to compromise - this means we have to do things we may not want to do.
Who makes sure everyone follows the rules outside of school?
The police make sure you abide by the law and will arrest anyone that doesn't.
Which of these is not against the law?
Throwing a brick through a window
Stealing a car
Leaving a shop without paying for items
Paying for items when you leave a shop
Rules are there to make life fair for everyone. These are rules that involve the law but many rules are just out of kindness.
Author:  Finola Waller

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