Staying Healthy - What Sort Of Food Should We Eat?
To stay healthy we should eat lots of different types of food, including vegetables!

Staying Healthy - What Sort Of Food Should We Eat?

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Do you eat just one type of food? No - even if you have a favorite food, you will need to eat other things as well if you want to stay healthy. When looking at staying healthy in school you have probably learned that people need a balanced diet - they need to eat a variety of different foods. What have you found out about a balanced diet?

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Eating fruit is good for us. Many fruits have an important chemical in them. It helps keep us healthy. What is it called?
Carbon dioxide
Vitamin C
Vitamin C is in lots of fruit and veg
Sam likes donuts. But what will happen if Sam only eats donuts?
He will be very happy
He will become ill
He will turn into a donut
He will dream about donuts
Sam might dream about donuts, and he might be happy. But if you only eat one food, it will make you ill. Sam needs a varied diet
Which of these is the best healthy option?
Cakes and cookies
Potato chips and donuts
Fruit and vegetables
Ice cream and candies
Do you eat plenty of fruit and veg?
Here is a list of foods: cabbage, Brussels sprouts, lettuce, broccoli, spinach. What do we call these vegetables?
Green vegetables are good for us. Do you always eat up your greens?
We need a variety of foods to grow and stay healthy. What else do we need to stay healthy?
Ice Cream
We have to have something to drink
What is toast made from?
Bread comes in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. Some bread is white. Eating some white bread is okay, but doctors say that brown bread - wholemeal, wholegrain or granary - is even better in a healthy diet
What should you do to have a healthy diet?
Eat the same thing every day
Eat lots of the same thing
Eat different types of food
Eat lots of food
Eat lots different types of food
Alex has just woken up. She gets up, washes and cleans her teeth. Then she gets dressed. Before she sets off for school, she has something to eat. Alex has her _________.
It is good to have something to eat before you start your lessons
Some children have allergies. They must be careful not to eat certain foods. What might happen if they eat those foods?
They will become ill
They will eat more of them
They will laugh and play
They will ask for more
Some children are allergic to nuts. Nuts can make them very ill
Which one of these is best in a healthy diet?
Potato chips
Vegetables give us special chemicals to help us to grow and stay healthy
Author:  David Bland

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