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Energy - Hot And Cold
If you're going outside in the cold it's a good idea to wrap up warm!

Energy - Hot And Cold

This Science quiz is called 'Energy - Hot And Cold' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is a fun way to learn if you are in the 1st or 2nd grade - aged 6 to 8.

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Heat is a type of energy. It is not nice to be too cold. It is nice to be warm. But being too hot can be a bad thing. At school you will have learned that we measure how hot or cold it is by taking the temperature. We use thermometers to measure the temperature. These questions are all about being hot and cold, about temperature and about heat energy.

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The picture shows a pond in a park. How do you know the water in the pond is very cold?
Because the water has frozen
Because there are no leaves on the trees
Because the sun is shining
Because the water has melted
Water freezes and turns into ice. Water is a liquid. Ice is a solid
We can sense if we are hot or cold. Which part of us senses hot or cold?
Our eyes
Our hair
Our skin
Our ears
If we are too cold, we start shivering
This is a bonfire. Why is the bonfire hot?
Because the sun is shining
Because it is a yellow color
Because the wood is burning
Because the wood is melting
Burning produces a lot of heat
This stove is very hot. It has a lot of ____ energy.
Be careful! Never touch a hot stove
Holly and Beth are playing in the snow. It is cold. Before they went out, their Mom told them to:
Eat some candies
Get wet through
Wrap up warm
Fall out among themselves
How have Holly and Beth wrapped up to stay warm?
What do we call how hot or cold it is?
The weather
The temperature
The pressure
The height
Temperature is measured in degrees centigrade (oC)
How do you know the water is very hot?
Because you can see through the dish
Because the dish is transparent
Because there is no lid on the dish
Because the water is boiling
Remember - never touch pans or dishes on cookers
Ellie’s house has central heating. The rooms in the house are heated by radiators.

Ellie’s Mom says, ‘It is too warm.’ She turns down the central heating.

What does Ellie’s Mom use to turn down the central heating?
A thermometer
A thermostat
A radiator
A boiler
Do you have a thermostat on the wall of your classroom at school?
Tom’s Mom opens the fridge door. She says it is:
Cooler inside the fridge than outside the fridge
Cooler outside the fridge than inside the fridge
Warmer inside the fridge than outside the fridge
Just as warm inside the fridge as outside the fridge
Fridges keep food cool. Freezers are very cold. They freeze food
What do we use to measure temperature?
A ruler
A thermometer
A compass
A calculator
Have you ever used a thermometer?
Author:  David Bland

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