Forces - Push And Pull
If you pull on a rope you are applying a force to it.

Forces - Push And Pull

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At school, you have learned about pushes and pulls. Pushes and pulls are forces. Forces make things happen. A push on a toy can make it move. Pulling back on a string can stop the toy moving. Some simple toys are clockwork. You turn the key on clockwork toys to make them go. Your hand turning the key is a force. How much do you know about forces?

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Alex pulls on his sled. What happens?
The sled stays in the same place
The sled goes backwards
The sled moves forwards
The sled gets smaller
Do you like sledging in the snow?
The man is pushing against the rock. But the rock does not move. Why does the rock not move?
The rock is too small
The rock is too light
The rock is too heavy
The rock is too smooth
Sometimes you can push and push, and still it won’t move!
These teeth are a clockwork toy. How do you make the teeth chatter and move?
Wind up the toy
Drop the toy on the floor
Recharge the batteries
Press a button
Do you have any wind-up toys?
This mom is pushing her baby in a baby carriage. She pushes the baby carriage. What happens?
The baby carriage moves to the right
The baby carriage does not move
The baby carriage goes backwards
The baby carriage moves to the left
The baby is going backwards, but the baby carriage moves to the left
What happens if you pull on a spring?
The spring gets smaller
The spring stretches
The spring stays the same size
The spring melts
Springs are stretchy. They are flexible
Tom pushes the toy car. What happens?
The toy car stays still
The toy car does not move
The toy car gets bigger
The toy car moves
Does this toy car run on batteries? - No
Simon’s Grandad has a very old watch. To make it go, Simon’s Grandad has to wind it up. The watch runs on _________.
Do you know anyone who has a very old watch?
Luke is sat in the kart. Joe is stood behind the Kart. Joe gives the Kart a push. Which way does the kart move?
Up in the air
To the left
To the right
What happens if Joe pushes harder? - The kart goes to the right faster!
This is a very long freight train. The locomotives are pulling the train. What is the train doing?
The train is going backwards
The train is getting longer
The train is getting shorter
The train is going forwards
The train is very heavy, so the locomotives have to pull very hard
A player is kicking a soccer ball. The player:
Pulls the ball with his foot
Pushes the ball with his foot
Winds up the ball with his foot
Pushes the ball with his hand
Who do you think is the best soccer player?
Author:  David Bland

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