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Forces - Stop!
Why would a rolling or bouncing ball come to a stop?

Forces - Stop!

This Science quiz is called 'Forces - Stop!' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is a fun way to learn if you are in the 1st or 2nd grade - aged 6 to 8.

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Do you know how forces affect speed and going faster? What about forces slowing things down and stopping them? We stop cars and bikes by using friction. When you throw a ball up into the air, what happens? Why does it not just keep going up for ever? Because of gravity! Let’s find out a bit more about how things move, and how they stop through friction and gravity.

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This boy is on rollerblades. He is braking. He is:
Speeding up
Slowing down
Going faster
How do you slow down on a bike?
The rugby player is kicking the ball. What happens to the ball?
The ball goes up and comes back down again
The ball goes up and never comes back down again
The ball does not move
The ball bursts
Have you ever played mini tag rugby?
A car comes to a stop. When the car has stopped it is:
Moving backwards
Moving forwards
Not moving
Still moving
Have you ever been told to ‘stop what you are doing’?
This man is on a mountain bike. He is coming down a hill. He does not want to go too fast. What should he do?
Pedal faster
Pedal backwards
Put his brakes on
What must you wear when you are on a bicycle? - A helmet
Jack is sat in a wooden box. His friend tries to push Jack across the ground in the box. But it is very hard work. The box hardly moves. Why is it so hard to make the box move?
Because the ground is rough
Because the ground is smooth
Because the box has brakes
Because the box has wheels
The ground is rough. There is a lot of friction. The friction stops the box moving
The tennis player throws the ball into the air. What happens to the ball?
The ball keeps going higher and higher
The ball goes up and then falls back down again
The ball is blown away by the wind
The ball shoots off into space
The tennis player is serving. Do you play tennis?
Mr Smith is driving a car. He comes up to some traffic lights. The traffic lights are on red. What must Mr Smith do?
Go slowly
Turn round
Always stop at red traffic signals
Which of these have to have brakes?
Only trains
Only cars
Only trucks
All three of them
Going faster is all very well, but you have to be able to stop!
Sam is at a crossing. The red man is showing. What does the red man mean?
There are lots of people waiting
You must not cross the road
There is a bus coming
You are going the wrong way
Never cross the road when the red man is showing. Wait for the green man
Why is this such hard work?
Because the man is pulling the crate downhill
Because the man is pushing the crate downhill
Because the man is pulling the crate uphill
Because the man is pushing the crate uphill
It is always hard to push things uphill
Author:  David Bland

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