Seasons And Weather - Our Sun
The Sun is many times larger than the Earth. It only looks so small because it is so very far away!

Seasons And Weather - Our Sun

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When looking at seasons and the weather in science you have found out about the Sun. It gives us heat and light. It turns night into day. Sunlight is needed by plants to make food. We need the Sun too. Without it we could not live on the Earth. In this quiz you are going to answer some more questions about the Sun and how it affects the seasons and the weather.

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Sam and Toby are on holiday. It is a sunny day. What are they wearing?
Magnifying glasses
Have you ever worn sunglasses?
Where does the Sun set?
In the east
In the west
Straight above us
In the north
Sometimes the sky turns red as the Sun sets in the west
The Sun looks about as big as a soccer ball in the sky. But it is a very long way away. So, the Sun is:
Very small
The size of a soccer ball
Quite big
Very, very big
The sun is a ginormous 92,955,807 miles from Earth
Where does the Sun rise?
In the east
In the west
Straight above us
In the north
Have you seen the Sun rise?
Where do plants get the energy to make their own food?
From water
From the air
From the Sun
From their green color
We eat plants. So, we need the Sun as well
Maria’s Granddad has a greenhouse. Why is the greenhouse made of glass?
So it is not too heavy
So Maria’s Granddad can look out of the greenhouse
So Maria’s Granddad can look into the greenhouse
To let in as much sunlight as possible
What do you think Maria’s Granddad grows in his greenhouse?
Which one of these do we get from the Sun?
What would the Earth be like if there was no Sun?
Georgia is on holiday. It is a sunny day. What is she using?
Sun cream
Do you use sun cream when you are on holiday?
What is the rule about the Sun?
Never look at the Sun directly
Always stay out of the sunlight
Always stay indoors
Always keep the curtains closed
Never use glasses, binoculars or telescopes to look at the Sun. It is very dangerous
Which one of these do we get from the Sun?
Even in winter, the Sun is warming the Earth
Author:  David Bland

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