Healthy Food and Exercise
Cheese belongs to the food group milk and dairy.

Healthy Food and Exercise

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Healthy food and exercise involves a balanced diet and keeping fit. Eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly helps us to keep healthy. Do you know the difference between proteins, carbohydrates and fibers? Which food groups are good for us, and which should we watch our intake of?

Some people go to the gym to keep fit, but it's not necessary. Walking, jogging and even doing exercises in your own home or garden is enough to keep you healthy. Swimming is a great way to exercise and it's important to learn to swim.

Which of these is NOT a benefit of regular exercise?
Keeps us slim
Makes our muscles strong
Prevents heart attack
Stops us getting spots
Make sure you get some exercise today!
Which food group should we not eat much of?
Fruit and vegetables
Cereals and bread
Milk and dairy
Snack and junk foods are full of fat
What do we gain from meat, fish and beans?
Protein is used to build and repair tissue
What do we gain from eating fruit and vegetables?
Vitamins and fiber
Fiber and protein
Vitamins and protein
Which is your favorite fruit?
Which food group does cheese belong to?
Meat, fish and beans
Milk and dairy
Fruit and vegetables
Cereals and bread
Cheese is made from milk
How many main food groups are there?
These are dairy; cereal and bread; fats; meat, fish and beans; fruit and vegetables
Which food groups give us energy?
Milk and dairy
Fruit and vegetables
Meat, fish and beans
Cereals and bread
Bread is a very versatile food
What type of exercise strengthens our heart?
Weight bearing
Swimming and walking are examples of aerobic exercises
Which food group gives us lots of calcium and other minerals?
Milk and dairy
Fruit and vegetables
Meat, fish and beans
Cereals and bread
Calcium is good for our bones
Which food group does rice belong to?
Fruit and vegetables
Cereals and bread
Milk and dairy
There are different flavors of rice
Author:  Amanda Swift

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