Place Value 2
In the number 2,011 the digit '2' represents two thousands.

Place Value 2

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Place values are split into thousands, hundreds, tens, units, tenths and hundredths. In our number system we know the value of a digit in a number by its position in that number - one digit represents units, two represent tens and units etc.

What is the figure 1 worth in the number 4,102?
1 unit
1 ten
1 hundred
1 thousand
4,102 has 4 thousands, 1 hundred, 0 tens and 2 units
Which is the number that is equivalent to 3,818?
Three hundred and eighty eight
Three thousand and eighteen
Three thousand eight hundred and eighteen
Three hundred thousand eight hundred and eighteen
3,818 has 3 thousands, 8 hundreds, 1 ten and 8 units
What needs to be added to change 4,328 to 4,628?
There is a 3 in the hundreds column that needs to change to a 6 therefore we add 3 hundreds
What is the figure 8 worth in the number 1,482?
8 units
8 tens
8 hundreds
8 thousands
8 tens is the same as eighty
Which is the lowest number?
3 hundreds
31 tens
3 tens
3 thousands
3 tens make 30 which is the lowest number
Which is 2,150 in words?
Two thousand one hundred and fifty
Two thousand one hundred and five
Two hundred and fifteen
Two thousand and fifteen
2,150 has 2 thousands, 1 hundred, 5 tens and 0 units
Which is 1,455 in words?
One hundred and forty five
One thousand, four hundred and fifty five
One thousand, four hundred and fifty
One thousand and fifty five
1,455 has 1 thousand, 4 hundreds, 5 tens and 5 units
Which is the number that is equivalent to 8,025?
Eight hundred and twenty five
Eight thousand two hundred and five
Eight thousand two hundred and fifty
Eight thousand and twenty five
8,025 has 8 thousands, 0 hundreds, 2 tens and 5 units
What does the digit 4 represent in 2,498?
4 units
4 tens
4 hundreds
4 thousands
The four is in the hundred position so therefore it represents 4 hundreds
What does the digit 2 represent in 3,204?
2 units
2 tens
2 hundreds
2 thousands
3,204 has 3 thousands, 2 hundreds, 0 tens and 4 units
Author:  Amanda Swift

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