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Investigating - Minibeasts
Studying minibeasts, like these ants, is great fun and science too!

Investigating - Minibeasts

This Science quiz is called 'Investigating - Minibeasts' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is an enjoyable way to learn if you are in the 3rd, 4th or 5th grade - aged 8 to 11.

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This quiz is all about one simple experiment. It looks at one type of minibeast. A class at school wants to find out where woodlice like to live. The children are in groups of four. Each group gathers twenty woodlice from under a log to use in their experiment. They use a choice chamber to investigate. They do simple experiments with the choice chambers. Can you help them do a really good investigation?

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It takes time to do the experiments. Where should the children keep the woodlice between experiments?
In a damp, airy box with leaf litter
On their desks
In a dry, plastic container above a radiator
In their pockets
Look after minibeasts like woodlice
Josh has a choice chamber. It is divided into four. One part he leaves empty. What should he do with the other three?
Put a little water into one of them
Cover one in card to make it dark
Put a few leaves into one of them
Do all three of these things
If Josh does all three, he will then give the woodlice lots of choices
Kim helps Josh with his experiment. They put the twenty woodlice into the choice chamber. What should they do?
Shake the choice chamber about
Leave the woodlice for one minute
Leave the woodlice for ten minutes
Tip up the choice chamber
The woodlice need time to find their way around and decide where they like best
Ryan is going to get the results. What should he do?
Count how many woodlice are in the empty chamber
Count how many woodlice are in the wet chamber
Count how many woodlice are in each chamber
See where the biggest woodlouse has gone
Ryan will have to lift the lid very carefully so as not to disturb the woodlice
Joe is going to write down the results. What should he do?
Draw a table with four columns
Write each one on a scrap of paper
Draw a table with two columns
Keep them in his head
Joe needs a table with four columns because there are four different chambers for the woodlice to choose
How can they display their results?
On a display on a board
On a computer
With drawings of the four chambers
In all of these ways
All these are good ways of displaying their results
How can they tell other people about their results?
By talking to people
By emailing their results
By writing about their results
By doing all three of these things
Yes, there are lots of different ways of telling people about your results
Josh says he thinks they should repeat the experiment. Why does Josh think they should repeat the experiment?
Because it isn’t home time yet
Because he doesn’t like their results
Because he likes investigating woodlice
Because he wants to check if the woodlice do the same thing again
Repeating an experiment is always a good idea, if there is time
They decide to repeat the experiment. Kim says he thinks they should use the same 20 woodlice. But Joe says they should use a fresh group of 20 woodlice. Why does Joe say this?
Because the first 20 woodlice may have learned where to go
Because he wants to collect more woodlice
Because it’s fun looking under logs
Because Kim is always wrong
In this case, it is a good idea to use new woodlice
What should the children do with the woodlice after they have finished their experiments?
Carefully put them back where they came from
Put them in the bin
Wash them down the sink
Take them home with them
Minibeasts are living things - treat them nicely
Author:  David Bland

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