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Materials - Solids, Liquids And Gases
Rock is a solid, water is a liquid and air is a gas.

Materials - Solids, Liquids And Gases

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You have learned a lot about different materials. But materials are not just solid things. Liquids like water are also materials. Gasses like air are also materials. You can divide up materials into solids, liquids and gasses. But water can change from one to the other. Water freezes to make ice. Water boils to make steam. Let’s find out a little bit more about solids, liquids and gasses.

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When water boils it turns into steam. Which one of these is a gas?
The steam
The water
The plastic of the kettle
The metal in the wires
Be careful. Boiling water is very dangerous. Always leave kettles and pans to adults
Some solids are not very hard. Butter is a soft material. Adam takes the butter out of the fridge and puts it into a warm room. What happens to the butter? The butter in the warm room is ______.
Do you use butter or do you use a spread?
Which one of these is a solid?
The air
The wood of the boat
The water
None of these
Have you ever been in a rowboat?
When snow melts it turns into ____.
Cotton wool
Melting is when solids turn into liquids
Hannah is stirring a drink with a spoon. The spoon is a _____.
What do you like to drink?
Mira is pouring a fizzy drink out of a can. Which one of these is a liquid?
The metal can
The drink
The bubbles
The air
The bubbles are bubbles of air
Grace's mom is blowing up a balloon. The balloon is:
A solid inside a liquid
A gas inside a solid
A liquid inside a gas
A gas inside a liquid
Why is it so hard to blow up a balloon?
Emily is watering the plants in the garden. What is Emily pouring onto the plants?
A gas
A liquid
A solid
Emily is using a watering-can
The picture shows two hot-air balloons. Which one of these is a gas?
The air inside the balloons
The metal of the cars
The wood of the trees
The fabric of the balloons
Hot air rises. That’s how hot-air balloons float up into the sky
When water gets very cold, it freezes. It turns into ice. Which one of these is a solid?
Water freezes at 0oC (centigrade)
Author:  David Bland

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