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Shadows and Reflections
Outdoors shadows are longest at sunrise and sunset.

Shadows and Reflections

This Science quiz is called 'Shadows and Reflections' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is an enjoyable way to learn if you are in the 3rd, 4th or 5th grade - aged 8 to 11.

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Shadows and reflections are the effects of light. Shadows are formed when objects block a source of light. Night is caused by the Earth blocking the light from the Sun - on the half of the Earth in shadow it is night time. Even at night time you can usually see some light - maybe from streetlamps, the moon, the stars or the headlamps of passing cars. Have you ever been anywhere so dark that you couldn't see your hand in front of your face? Reflections are caused by light bouncing off objects. Smooth things usually make better reflectors than rough ones. Mirrors are very smooth and they are the best reflectors.

You are making shadows with a torch and one hand. What could you do to make the shadow bigger?
Use a smaller torch
Move the torch further away from your hand
Move your hand further away from the torch
Move your hand closer to the torch
Moving an object nearer to the source of light makes its shadow bigger
How does an opaque material affect light?
It allows all light to travel through it
It allows some light to travel through it
It allows no light to travel through it
It bends the light which passes through it
Most solid objects are opaque
What happens when light hits a reflective material?
It passes completely through the material
It bounces off the material, changing direction
It is absorbed by the material
It forms a rainbow
Mirrors are very good reflectors
Outdoors, shadows are longest at what time of day?
Sunrise and sunset
10 a.m.
The Sun is at its lowest point in the sky at those times
Light reflects off which of these materials?
A mirror
A football
Nearly every material will reflect light
Light reflects off nearly all materials - light travels from its source, reflects off an object, changes direction and enters our eyes, allowing us to see the object
Light travels in a straight line. How can it be made to travel around an obstacle?
By using reflective materials to change the light's direction
By using more than one source of light
By blocking the light with another obstacle
Light can curve around an object
Mirrors can be used to change the direction of light - that's how periscopes in submarines work
What causes shadows?
Shadows are caused by the dark
A shadow appears when light cannot pass through an object
Shadows are only caused by the Sun going behind a cloud
A shadow is formed when the light changes color to black
Shadows are dark patches caused by less light hitting them
Which of the following would reflect the most light?
An object with a crumpled surface
A smooth, shiny object with flat surfaces
A rough object with curved surfaces
A dark, shiny object with curved surfaces
A smooth, shiny object with flat surfaces, such as a mirror, will reflect the most light
Which one of the following objects is not translucent?
A sheet of glass
Tissue paper
Greaseproof paper
A sheet of glass is transparent - it lets light pass straight through
Which one of the following is not a source of light?
The Sun
A fire
The Moon
A light bulb
The Moon is not a source of light; it only reflects light from the Sun
Author:  Sheri Smith

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