a + sk, ss and st
Shall we BASK in the LAST of the sun?

a + sk, ss and st

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This ‘a + sk, ss and st’ spelling quiz informs elementary school children that when you say words with ask/ass/ast the ‘a’ sound is an ‘ar’ sound instead and is written as such. This spelling quiz will test children on these words.

The letter ‘a’ is pronounced ‘ah’ but if it comes before ‘sk/ss/st’ it changes to ‘ar’. This quiz will ask you to spell words where the ‘a’ sound has been changed to ‘ar’. Can you spell the missing word?

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Careful, there is a ____ of milk on the ____.
glass and grass
glas and gras
glass and grasse
glarss and grass
Milk is good for the bones because it contains lots of calcium which makes bones stronger.
He has a ____ array of fruit.
The word vast means great amount or large space.
Stand back from the ____!
Rockets work by burning fuel and gasses.
This dog loves his ____.
Remember, this word is pronounced m+ar+st+er.
____ the ____.
Pass and flasck
Pass and flasc
Pas and flask
Pass and flask
A flask can keep liquids hot or cold - it works on keeping the liquid the same temperature as when you put it in.
The ____ did not enjoy the ____.
class and task
class and tasc
clarss and task
klass and task
Here the 'ar' sound is said before the 'sk' and 'ss' letters.
That's the ____ time I ask you; that was a ____.
last and disarster
last and disaster
larst and disaster
last and disasta
When dealing with electricity, it's always best to get a professional electrician to help.
I will ____ you to ____ me the cup.
arsk and pass
ask and pass
ask and parss
arsk and parss
The words sound like 'ar' but they don't have the letter 'r' in them.
Please ____ the ____.
pass and mask
pass and marsk
parss and mask
parse and marsk
The Ancient Greeks used to wear masks in their plays to show emotions and express what the character was like - this was able to be seen from afar.
In the desert, a shadow is easily ____.
A shadow is formed whenever there is light and an object sitting in the way of the rays.
Author:  Finola Waller

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