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Spelling: Elementary School: Grades 3, 4 and 5 Quizzes

Quizzes make learning fun! There is no quicker way to learn about Spelling in Elementary School - Grades 3, 4 and 5

In the spelling section for the earlier grade we promised you a wealth of spelling quizzes and here they are, more than a hundred of them!

Now, we don’t want to bombard you with math in our spelling section but we thought you might be interested to know that some experts say there are 170,000 words in the English language but there are twice that amount in Chinese.

What is more, in the USA we only have 26 different written characters (letters) whilst in China they have to contend with 50,000! All of which makes you marvel that Chinese children ever learn to speak or write at all!

Thankfully most of us manage quite nicely without knowing that subdermatoglyphic is the word that refers to ‘the underlying dermal matrix that determines the pattern formed by the whorls, arches, and ridges of our fingerprints’! It’s important that children understand that they don’t need to know ALL the words, just the important ones.

Our quizzes in this section test the understanding and spelling of a little over 1,000 different words but that is a great start. Armed with the ability to write all of these accurately it’s possible to write a very acceptable Elementary School essay.

There are very few shortcuts to learning about spelling (there are so many anomalies) so without further ado let’s get stuck-in!

Quiz Title Options
a + sk, ss and st a + sk, ss and st Play
able and ible words able and ible words Play
Adding ed Adding ed Play
Adding ing Adding ing Play
Changing the ending to ed Changing the ending to ed Play
Changing the ending to er Changing the ending to er Play
Changing the ending to est Changing the ending to est Play
Changing the ending to ing Changing the ending to ing Play
Contractions 1 Contractions 1 Play
Contractions 2 Contractions 2 Play
Ending with al Ending with al Play
Ending with el Ending with el Play
Ending with en and on Ending with en and on Play
Ending with il Ending with il Play
Ending with ild and ind Ending with ild and ind Play
Ending with le Ending with le Play
Ending with ost and oll Ending with ost and oll Play
High Frequency Words 1 High Frequency Words 1 Play
High Frequency Words 2 High Frequency Words 2 Play
High Frequency Words 3 High Frequency Words 3 Play
J, g or dge? J, g or dge? Play
Letters ei Letters ei Play
Letters ier and iest Letters ier and iest Play
Magic 'e' Review Magic 'e' Review Play
Prefix dis Prefix dis Play
Soft c (lace) Soft c (lace) Play
Soft g Soft g Play
Spelling Months Spelling Months Play
Spelling Months and Days Spelling Months and Days Play
Spelling Review 1 Spelling Review 1 Play
Spelling Review 2 Spelling Review 2 Play
Spelling Review 3 Spelling Review 3 Play
Spelling Review 4 Spelling Review 4 Play
Spelling: -igh Spelling: -igh Play
Spelling: -le Spelling: -le Play
Spelling: -or-, -oor-, and -ore- Spelling: -or-, -oor-, and -ore- Play
Spelling: -ough Spelling: -ough Play
Spelling: Double Consonants Spelling: Double Consonants Play
Spelling: Graphemes Spelling: Graphemes Play
Spelling: ie or ei? Spelling: ie or ei? Play
Spelling: Phonemes Spelling: Phonemes Play
Spelling: Plurals 1 Spelling: Plurals 1 Play
Spelling: Plurals 2 Spelling: Plurals 2 Play
Spelling: Plurals 3 Spelling: Plurals 3 Play
Spelling: Plurals 4 Spelling: Plurals 4 Play
Spelling: Unstressed Vowels 1 Spelling: Unstressed Vowels 1 Play
Spelling: Unstressed Vowels 2 Spelling: Unstressed Vowels 2 Play
Spelling: Unstressed Vowels 3 Spelling: Unstressed Vowels 3 Play
Spelling: Unstressed Vowels 4 Spelling: Unstressed Vowels 4 Play
Spelling: w and wh Spelling: w and wh Play
Spelling: y and i Spelling: y and i Play
Suffix exceptions Suffix exceptions Play
Suffix ful Suffix ful Play
Suffix less Suffix less Play
Suffix ly Suffix ly Play
Suffix ment Suffix ment Play
Suffix ness Suffix ness Play
The Best Sentence The Best Sentence Play
The Silent Spelling Review The Silent Spelling Review Play
The Sound a in 'wallet' The Sound a in 'wallet' Play
The Sound ai The Sound ai Play
The Sound air The Sound air Play
The Sound ar The Sound ar Play
The Sound are The Sound are Play
The Sound au The Sound au Play
The Sound aw The Sound aw Play
The Sound dge The Sound dge Play
The Sound ea (bead) The Sound ea (bead) Play
The Sound ea (head) The Sound ea (head) Play
The Sound ear The Sound ear Play
The Sound ear (heard) The Sound ear (heard) Play
The Sound ee The Sound ee Play
The Sound er (within words) The Sound er (within words) Play
The Sound ey The Sound ey Play
The Sound gn The Sound gn Play
The Sound ie (chief) The Sound ie (chief) Play
The Sound ie (tie) The Sound ie (tie) Play
The Sound igh The Sound igh Play
The Sound ir The Sound ir Play
The Sound k The Sound k Play
The Sound kn The Sound kn Play
The Sound ng The Sound ng Play
The Sound nk The Sound nk Play
The Sound o like a (mother) The Sound o like a (mother) Play
The Sound oa The Sound oa Play
The Sound oi The Sound oi Play
The Sound or The Sound or Play
The Sound or after w The Sound or after w Play
The Sound ore The Sound ore Play
The Sound ou The Sound ou Play
The Sound ow (how) The Sound ow (how) Play
The Sound ow (show) The Sound ow (show) Play
The Sound oy The Sound oy Play
The Sound ph The Sound ph Play
The Sound qu The Sound qu Play
The Sound sh The Sound sh Play
The Sound tch The Sound tch Play
The Sound th The Sound th Play
The Sound tr The Sound tr Play
The Sound ue The Sound ue Play
The Sound ul The Sound ul Play
The Sound ur The Sound ur Play
The Sound ure The Sound ure Play
The Sound v The Sound v Play
The Sound wh The Sound wh Play
The Sound wr The Sound wr Play
Tricky words 1 Tricky words 1 Play
Tricky words 2 Tricky words 2 Play
Tricky words 3 Tricky words 3 Play
Tricky words 4 Tricky words 4 Play
Tricky words 5 Tricky words 5 Play
Tricky words 6 Tricky words 6 Play
Two Vowel Spellings Two Vowel Spellings Play
Words beginning with ra... Words beginning with ra... Play
Words beginning with ref... Words beginning with ref... Play
Words beginning with rel... Words beginning with rel... Play
Words beginning with res... Words beginning with res... Play
Words beginning with ro... Words beginning with ro... Play
Words beginning with se... Words beginning with se... Play
Words beginning with si... Words beginning with si... Play
Words beginning with te... Words beginning with te... Play
Words beginning with tr... Words beginning with tr... Play
Words beginning with ur... Words beginning with ur... Play
Words beginning with we... Words beginning with we... Play
Words ending in tion Words ending in tion Play
Words ending in y Words ending in y Play
Words ending with er Words ending with er Play
Words ending with est Words ending with est Play
y to ies y to ies Play

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