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Glacial Erosion Landforms
Test your geography skills in this quiz.

Glacial Erosion Landforms

This Geography quiz is called 'Glacial Erosion Landforms' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at high school. Playing educational quizzes is a user-friendly way to learn if you are in the 9th or 10th grade - aged 14 to 16.

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During your physical geography studies in high school, you will learn about how different forces of nature shape the Earth's surface. One of the significant forces that has affected the British landscape is ice. You need to know how glacial erosion landforms have been created and to be able to give some examples of each.

Which of the following features is created by the overdeepening of a glacial valley by the glacier that made it?
Ribbon lake
String lake
Oxbow lake
Glacier lake
These are long narrow lakes found in U-shaped valleys
Which of the following features is caused by freeze-thaw weathering?
A valley
A pyramidal peak
A ribbon lake
All of the above
Frost shattering of rocks at the summit of a mountain poking up from an ice sheet, combined with the presence of several glaciers around it, creates a pyramidal peak
What gives a glacier its erosional power?
Loose blocks of ice
Pieces of rock embedded within the ice
Lateral moraines
Wind and rain moving the ice from side to side
The weight of the glacier means that any pieces of rock that are embedded in the ice can scratch and scrape the soil and bedrock, causing the erosion
What is a truncated spur?
A feature of a valley created by a river bursting its banks due to a glacier melting rapidly
A feature of a ribbon lake
An interlocking spur that has been cut by a glacier
Another name for an interlocking spur
Interlocking spurs are features of a young river valley. As a glacier moves down the valley, the tips of the interlocking spurs are truncated (cut off and made shorter) by the glacier
What is the letter that describes the profile of a valley that has been cut by a glacier?
A glaciated valley has a very different profile to a valley cut by a river
Crib Goch is an arête on Snowdon (a mountain in Wales). It lies between two U-shaped valleys. Which of the following is the most likely way it was formed?
Wind erosion
Volcanic activity
Freeze-thaw weathering
An earthquake that happened just after Snowdon was formed
Arêtes are usually narrow areas of rock between glaciated valleys
Which of the following is not a glacial erosion landform?
Hanging valley
U-shaped valley
Drumlins are depositional features created by glaciers
How is a hanging valley formed?
Plate tectonics pushes it upwards
Water rushing out from a glacier as it is melting in the summer
Freeze-thaw weathering occurs along a fault line that joins an established glaciated valley
A small glacier flows into a larger one
There needs to be a significant difference in size between the two glaciers
What causes a glacier to move?
Molten ice
Molten lava
Storms pushing down on the ice
Glaciers move naturally downhill owing to the Earth's gravity
The place where a glacier forms is ...
all of the above
They all describe the same feature
Author:  Kev Woodward

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