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This Geography quiz is called 'Glaciation' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at high school. Playing educational quizzes is a user-friendly way to learn if you are in the 9th or 10th grade - aged 14 to 16.

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This high school Geography quiz takes a look at glaciation. Almost all of Britain has been affected by ice and many of the landforms that have been created by glaciation are easily visible today. You are required to study glaciation from a variety of different angles including the erosional and depositional landforms it creates, how it begins and human aspects too.

Which of the following is not usually formed directly by the passage of a glacier?
A ribbon lake
A glacial trough
An arête
A truncated spur
An arête forms above the surface of a glacier where two corries form on opposite sides of a ridge. Rotational erosion caused by the ice formed in the corries erodes the lower slopes on both sides of the ridge, leaving a narrow rock ridge above the level of the ice. This is subjected to freeze-thaw weathering
A glacial trough is another name for a ...
pyramidal peak
U-shaped valley
channel cut by the water rushing out from underneath a glacier
One classic example of a glacial trough in Britain is Glen Avon in the Cairngorms
During which months is glacial ablation likely to be greater for a southern hemisphere glacier?
January to March
April to June
July to September
October to December
In the southern hemisphere, summer is at its hottest during these months so glacial ablation will be greater than glacial accumulation
What marks the boundary between the zone of accumulation of a glacier and the zone of ablation?
A large yellow rock
A crevasse
There is no boundary
The snowline
Above the snowline, snow falls and adds to the glacier. Below the snowline, no new snow is added so melting and evaporation reduces the mass of ice in the glacier
The Athabasca glacier in the Canadian Rockies is a honeypot site. What is a honeypot site?
A tourist location that attracts large numbers of visitors
A tourist location that attracts small numbers of visitors
A visitor center near a glacier
Somewhere tourists can buy locally produced honey
The large numbers of visitors to honeypot sites means that they need to be very carefully managed. In areas where glaciation is the attraction, the dangers to visitors and avoiding damage to fragile ecosystems that would take decades to recover are the two big concerns
Which of the following best describes the glacial budget?
The amount of money spent on research into glaciers each year
A comparison of snowfall and melting of a glacier
The money spent at a winter sports resort to ensure that people are not killed by avalanches
Something the Chancellor of the Exchequer issues on TV during the winter
If more snow falls than ice melts, the glacier or ice field will advance. If the budget is negative, more ice melts than is formed from the winter snowfall so the glacier retreats. At the present time, climate change means the glacial budget for almost all glaciers is negative so glaciers are retreating
Which of the following is a key difference between deposits from a glacier and deposits left by a river, lake or in the sea?
The fragments of rock are unsorted and rounded
The fragments of rock are unsorted and angular
The fragments of rock are sorted and rounded
The fragments of rock are sorted and angular
In a glacier, the rock fragments are not free to crash into one-another, like they do during saltation in flowing water so they remain angular. Since a glacier is mainly a solid, there is no opportunity for the rock fragments to be sorted. In the case of flowing water, the fragments are sorted according to the speed of the flow of water
Which of the following statements is not true?
Drumlins are a glacial erosion landform
Freeze-thaw weathering helps to form pyramidal peaks and arêtes
Ice sheets deposit a material called glacial till
Glaciers carve out U-shaped valleys
Drumlins are glacial deposits and not formed by erosion
In the past, the surface of the Earth has been covered by ...
always more ice than at the present time
always less ice than at the present time
exactly the same amount of ice as the present time
a variable amount of ice
During the various ice ages, there was more ice, during warm periods like the one that occurred about 55 to 56 million years ago, even the poles were ice-free
In a winter sports resort, avalanches are a danger to the tourists who visit. Which one of the following statements about avalanches is false?
Avalanches are more common where snow has built up in layers that are not bonded together
A person buried by an avalanche is most likely to die from suffocation than from the cold
Loud noises, earthquakes and storms can trigger an avalanche
All avalanches start at a single point
Powder snow avalanches begin at a single point. Slab avalanches begin along a line and a wide slab of snow slides down a slope. Wet snow avalanches occur when snow is melting and occur as wet snow accumulates in gullies and slides downhill at about a fast walking speed
Author:  Kev Woodward

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