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My Mother Said I Never Should - Understanding the Text
Why does Margaret sleep below the piano as a young girl?

My Mother Said I Never Should - Understanding the Text

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Which of the following is correct?
Men are not at all important to the action of the play
Men appear on stage throughout the play
Men are important to the play but have no names as characters
Men have an important effect on the action of the play without ever appearing on stage
Men are always elsewhere: waiting in the car, arriving to collect a character, waiting to speak to someone's mother, dealing with bureaucracy after death, leaving troublesome wills
What does Doris keep trying to find out during Margaret's last visit to see her?
How Margaret's job is going
How Jackie is doing
How Margaret's finances are
What is wrong
Doris knows something must be wrong for Margaret to travel all the way to Oldham by train on a weekday. Margaret is reluctant to tell her what is on her mind, becoming more cross with the questioning. She finally admits that her husband has left her, although she does not mention her illness
How does Rosie discover the truth about her birth?
Jackie tells her in person
She finds her birth certificate
Doris gives her the letter from Jackie before her birthday
Margaret admits the truth to her when she is dying
In the immediate aftermath of Margaret's death from cancer Rosie finds out that Jackie is her mother, rather than her older sister
Why does Margaret sleep below the piano as a young girl?
Her mother and father are poor
She prefers it to sleeping in bed
The piano offers some protection from air raids
She is afraid of the bomb shelter
Margaret worries that the piano itself will collapse on her if her home is bombed
How are the characters in the play related?
As mothers and daughters
As sisters
As friends
They are not related
Doris is the mother of Margaret, who is the mother of Jackie, who is the mother of Rosie
Where does Rosie live at the end of the play?
With Ken, who raised her as a daughter but whom she now realizes is her grandfather
With Jackie and her new boyfriend
With her great-grandmother Doris
On her own
Doris and Rosie have clearly forged a strong relationship by the end of the play, bringing the generations of mothers and daughters together
How are the actors dressed when appearing in scenes set in the Wasteground?
Each actor wears a matching dress
Each actor wears clothing from her character's childhood
Each actor is dressed in black
Each actor wears a nightgown
The Wasteground scenes bring the four characters together as children, an impossibility in the other scenes which take place in time. In the Wasteground, 'Mother' becomes an abstract figure, rather than a person with character traits and emotions such as rebelliousness, nervousness, curiosity, and anger
Why must Doris's house be cleared out in Act Two?
Jack leaves the house to Jackie
Doris is moving to Oldham
Doris's house is being sold
All of the above
Jackie, who feels guilty about being left her grandmother's house, has bought Doris a new house and intends to invest the money raised from the sale of the house in order to benefit everyone in the family
Not having a child to bring up allows Jackie to do which of the following?
Have a successful career
Move to London
Become a famous painter
Become a teacher, like her grandmother
Jackie's career is very important to Margaret, who urges her to complete her education. The play presents family and career as a continuous trade-off for women
Why did Jack look down on Doris's mother?
She was uneducated
She was a single mother
She was in poor health
All of the above
Jackie is distressed to discover her grandfather's opinions because of her own experience of giving birth without being married. Her grandfather had always treated her as a favorite
Author:  Sheri Smith

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