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Cold War: 1958-1961 - U2 Flights And The Berlin Wall
The Berlin Wall was erected with support from the USSR.

Cold War: 1958-1961 - U2 Flights And The Berlin Wall

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High school History covers, amongst other things, the Cold War, which lasted from the end of World War II until the fall of the Soviet Union. One aspect looked at is the building of the Berlin Wall and American U2 spy 'planes.

How was the American U2 spy 'plane shot down over Soviet Russia in 1960?
By conventional anti-aircraft fire
By intercepting Soviet fighter 'planes
By surface to air missile
By unmanned drone
The Americans had believed that their U2s could not be shot down as they operated at extreme altitudes
Which East German leader ordered the building of a wall to divide West Berlin from the Eastern Soviet Sector?
Willi Stoph
Otto Grotewohl
Walter Ulbricht
Erich Honecker
The East German government became increasingly worried about the loss of skilled workers crossing the sector borders from East to West Berlin
Which US government agency co-operated closely with anti-Castro Cuban exiles attempting to invade the island in 1961?
The State Department
The Pentagon
Although the President (Kennedy) knew little about the plan, elements of his government were deeply involved
Which close associate of Fidel Castro hailed from Argentina and had trained as a doctor?
Raoul Castro
Ernesto "Che" Guevara
Juan Peron
Hugo Chavez
Fidel Castro ("el Commandante") was surrounded by a small group of cronies, some of whom became ministers in his government of Cuba, and some of whom tried to spread revolution elsewhere after the capture of Havana in 1959
At which battle in 1961 were anti-Castro exiles forced back into the sea when they tried to invade the island?
Moncada Barracks
The Bay of Pigs
Guantanamo Bay
Anti-Castro exiles from Florida failed to effect a landing on the Cuban coast despite considerable help from the United States authorities
Which Soviet leader approved the wall's construction and promised to defend it with military force in 1961?
Without the support of the Soviet Union the Berlin Wall would never have been built
Which Republican politician served as Eisenhower's Vise President from 1956 to 1960?
Richard Nixon
Henry Kissinger
Gerald Ford
Henry Cabot Lodge
The job of Vise President entails few formal responsibilities, but is often occupied by someone who is really seeking the highest office (the presidency), which Nixon managed to achieve in 1969
Who was the U2 pilot, who was captured and put on trial in 1960?
Gary Powers
Buzz Aldrin
Douglas MacArthur
Arnold Whitman
The capture of an American airman offered the Russians the chance to interrogate him, and to exchange him for a Soviet spy in American custody
Who served as Kennedy's Vice-President from 1961?
Walter Mondale
Bobby Kennedy
Lyndon Johnson
George McGovern
Under the US Constitution the "Veep" (the Vice-President) automatically becomes President if the existing President dies in office, or has to leave the White House for any other reason
Which pro-American dictator was forced into exile by Castro's success in taking over Cuba?
Many Latin American governments were dominated by military dictators who often enjoyed American support, as they tended to be right-wing and anti-Communist
Author:  Edward Towne

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